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  • Reviewed 6/18/12

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Elemental Wellness

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Good day everyone. I just had to stop here and drop a little feedback. Elemental Wellness has a compassion that is above and beyond. I have found with cancer and numerous other health problems and dealing with a low income that the genuine care that oozes from the facility and staff is amazing..Tony Amanda Dave Holland and all of those I have forgot to mention YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME. The organs removed basically makes it to where I have absolutely no hunger unless I have strong medication. They always take the time to make sure I am getting the proper meds. Now I have been teaching MMA and serving food for years so customer service and dedication are in my blood. Well when I went to the big tough discovery channel awesome (yeah right) club and explained my situation of only receiving a bare minimum ammount of income and I was too sick to get out there every other day. Well after the tour of all of the free services they told me I had to wait till january to sign up for a low income plan. I just had cancer surgery I told them I also explained my other disabilities will have worsened by then and focusing was difficult .I explained I was really having it rough and could not eat. They did NOT even get my info did not try and call me back or was like here buy this and get out the lack of compassion from harborside was basicaly Harborside can go to hell . Then I went to Elemental Wellness and was suprised to be treated with care and human compassion. So Elemental Wellness Is My Choice. They care about my life. They care about every patients life no matter the severity of the disability. Medicating on site is not important cause I am more relaxed at home and really there are people coming in that do not smoke the medicine we must respect all forms of sickness not just what YOU are wanting to do plus the state is already getting hounded by federal so lets follow the rules and keep the patients healthy as a priority. So paying $50 $60 for something that will put food in my belly is worth it. That means I can get nutrition. I refuse to go ANYWHERE else. So Thank you Elemental Wellness for doing it right. Your loyal customer Wayne