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  • Reviewed 9/3/16

Dispensary Review:

Bloom Room

If looking for a place w/ a good atmosphere look no further.

Have to say, this is the most friendly, good vibe dispensary I've been to. More like a family feel opposed to just making a quick sale. I also love how they have the flowers out in jars for you to look and smell at ease instead of asking for each one. And they have great specials and some of the best pricing in SF when they do have their special. They also are exhibiting usually some local artist and do a lot of fun activities to give back to the patients and the community, like scavenger/easter egg hunts, compassion days, demos, and trash clean up and rewards for participants at the end. The bud tenders are always super friendly, knowledgable and always have a smile. And lately they have had some great deals on concentrates. I'd like to comment on some particular complainants I've seen, yes the concentrates might not be displayed the best, but unlike some places, do not be afraid to ask, they will always open and show you whatever you like. I also like to smell my medicine, concentrate or flower, your nose never lets you down if it is true FIRE. And bloom room never lets me down, always has the FIRE on deck.

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Thank you so much for the review! We really appreciate your kind words - it really means a great deal to us. Thanks again.

  • Reviewed 9/9/14


It will appear just a tad darker than other top shelf ones, but I have noticed the higher cbd ones tend to be a bit more darker and sometimes not as stable. But it is a true shatter, will break with snap and pull it. (tip is to warm it up between your fingers in the parchment paper to make it easy to work with) But wow, taste was amazing. You can take large doses and it is not harsh at all, one of the smoothest I have taken. Which is so nice when in pain and you do not have the need to cough. The flavor is very fruity, not piney or earthy just yum. The effects are very mellow but not over whelming and no light head feeling. Over all one of the best concentrates I have had.

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