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Dispensary & Marijuana Reviews

  • Reviewed 10/5/17

Oil Cartridge: Distillate

Smooth and strong is the favor of the day

I got the Tangie flavor is it was really smooth. So smooth at times i will forget and I inhale too much vape. So lesson today is take it easy on the cartridge. It is very strong. Ok I got the warning label out of the way. I took one huge hit cause I can do that. At first I felt a nice body relaxation going on really a since of comfort and content. After a few minutes I had a little focus in the head. Very covenant and discrete.

  • Reviewed 8/15/17

Specialé: Hawaiian Sunrise


Sun will Rise

The smell is intense with a hint of fruitiness and gasoline. The smoke is light with a little cough. Feeling is very uplifting and a heavy cerebral. I smoked in the morning time and it was a great morning high.

  • Reviewed 6/22/17

OG Ghost Train Haze

Ghost Train is her in DC

Very nice and heavy sativa. i enjoyed in my volcano. The taste is fantastic, has a lemony with and a fuel fire at the end of the flavor profile. I enjoy the heady high got me motivated and focus. I started cleaning all around the house basically very productive. I am going looking forward to rolling a joint with it too.

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Strawberry Diesel (Shake)

More Strawberry than Diesel

I really like the smell and it looks even better. I used it in Volcano. The taste is sweet and lemony at the same time. The flavor is really intense and really flavorful. The high is an intense heady high with a little crash at the end due to the indica.

  • Reviewed 4/30/17

Strawberry Diesel (Shake)

Strawberry Feels forever

Very nice high, it was a relaxing high with the head and the body. I took the herb during my time at a state park. I was able to set at the bank of the river to enjoy the seen with out feeling jittery and uneasy about the seen. I like the strain cause of the balance between sativa and indica mix. The flower is dense and the smell is fruity with hint of pine at the end.

  • Reviewed 4/18/17

Gorilla Glue Raw Cartridge (0.5 ml)

Gorilla #1 on the loose

I really like the strain specific cartridge. This is a very strong strain, a couple of inhales you will get there. The high is uplifting that will get you ready to do things. Also find that, the number one has a bit of indica cause i felt a nice mild body high. I appreciate a strain that acts both ways that this one does. The ease and convenience of a cartridge is unbeatable. The taste could be more but the discrete and high effect of the med is worth the low flavor.

  • Reviewed 4/12/17

Durban Poison (SALE)

Straight to the Head

If you need things to get done this is the strain for you....very uplifting high with hardly any let down at the end. But the start, this strain is really heavy sativa. My head starting gong to fast in the first 15 min. But the high leveled off and I was happy and ready for today's work. The smell is very intense fruity smell that has a hint of fuel and the end. I used in my hit was all i need to get the instant head high. But you know me I took three more and that was when it got a bit heavy. I am a big fan for the strain and really happy to see it in the east coast

  • Reviewed 4/7/17

Painkiller XL

Nice and Focus

If you are looking to get super high this is not the strain for you. But, if you have an appointment with pain such as a tattoo session, after an operation or a reckless weekend adventure. This is the strain for you. Right after my first in inhale I felt pain from my sore knees just disappear. the heavy cbd strain makes my high last much longer, so does the pain relief. The flower has dark frosty shade with a sprinkle of purple...I love the smell...of the buds very fruity and pungent.

  • Reviewed 4/5/17

Sunflower Yellow (SALE)

Things got to get done

I had a lot of chores I had to do, and this was the perfect strain the do it with. First of the flowers are prepacked and they looks green with a lot of red hair sprinkled all over the buds. The is a strong sweet citrus smell with a hint of mint at the end. i smoked the flower is my favorite bong. The smoke with smooth and it really does taste like a smoked lemons in your month. Like I said, I had a lot of things to...the medicine got me focus and very clear headed. But I can imagine if you smoked to much you might get a bit paranoid, so be careful. This is going to be in my routine rotation.

  • Reviewed 4/2/17

Lemonie Girls

The flower looks amazing...nice little fox tails shooting all over the buds. the buds are completely covered with trichomes. The smell is sweet at the beginning with a pungent smell of pine. I smoke the material in a bong. the high is very uplifting with out any let down. Coming down is slow and and gradual so you will not feel dead after the euphoric leaves. The smoke is smooth but hard to keep a joint let. I would take this again but only in a bong.

  • Reviewed 3/31/17

Dancing with the Dosi

the flower are compact but yet it gives with a squeeze. A sign of a perfectly cured medicine. Looking the flower closely you can see the trichome, the buds are so frosted. The smell is mild...not pungent. The smell starts off with a woody sent at the end you will smell a hint of citrus. The smoke is smooth no coughing, used it in a bong this time. The effect was uplifting with a heavy cerebellar stimulation. I smoke it the morning and it was perfect for my busy day.

Last edited by v2chao on 3/31/17 at 11:39 AM Pacific

Very Strong Hybrid

Do-si-dos is a very strong indica leaning hybrid. Powerfully euphoric in nature, it is a profound mood enhancer while producing a nice feeling of relaxation. It definitely packs a punch and can be a bit overwhelming for novices along with those who generally use sativas or sativa hybrids. There is a slight earthiness coupled with a citrus flavor that is very nice to the taste. Due to the Girl Scout Cookie genetics, in addition to euphoria, there is great pain relief. This is an awesome strain for the evening!

  • Reviewed 3/29/17

Late night TV is great

The flower buds are small but has a lot of shiny spick of trichomes. The buds are firm but yet it gives when you squeeze it. The smell is intense lemons with a hint of sour spicy notes. I rolled a gram into a joint and the smoke was smooth. The taste is earthy with a hint of berries. I wanted to stay up til 1 am to watch the Wizard game. The effects was a body high at first, i felt a tingly feeling starting with my hands then moving all over my body. After a few hour of feeling really comfortable in the couch, I felt a focus in the mind. I was able to watch the game without dozing off. So, if you need to sleep dont us this med.

Last edited by v2chao on 3/29/17 at 10:47 AM Pacific

  • Reviewed 3/28/17

Chemdawg (Shake SALE)

where is my Dawg

The flowers has a bright green hue with red hair sprinkled all over the flower. Small size buds which I dont mind. the flowers feel firm but give a bet when squeezed. The buds has a very mild aroma. Not too pungent. The smell you to smell is fresh greens with a hint of lemons and berries...this is a very strong sativa dominant strain. I took it during the day and it had me feeling very heady. After 30 minutes I started to feel motivated and focus for the rest of the day. I love this strain for my busy days and will keep me going

Last edited by v2chao on 3/28/17 at 1:10 PM Pacific

Relaxhing Heady High

The buds are tight in appearance and has a lot of frost appears on the flower. The buds are not hard as a rock but is firm the the touch and it perfectly cured...I rolled two joints and smoked both. The smoke is really smooth, not much coughing. With the first exhale i felt s warm feeling all over the body and then I charge getting creative and energetic. I m thinking I can put this in my rotation for day time.

  • Reviewed 3/24/17

Skywalker Kush


An outer body experience

i rolled two joints i would of smoked two more....i think this is a part of a Sublime song. When smoking this strain you feel a great body high. The body is relax to the point I felt no knee pain. Mind you I just walked from work and it takes a tow on my knees. what it did not do was put me out, I was not sleepy at all. I even was tossing bed. I would take this strain again for the pain re-leaf.

  • Reviewed 3/22/17

Monkey Business (Sativa)


Banana Flavored Tincture

In the bottle it looks like a golden liquid. The taste of banana is prevalent. I used it under my tongue, i feel the effect almost admittedly. I feel a since of euphoria at first then my create and idea side comes on. At times too much. But after 30 mins i start to come down and become motivated to do some chores. I also put it in a class of cold coke and it was really taste.

  • Reviewed 3/16/17

Facewreck Haze


Wrecking up with this strain

Smell...Smell is intoxicating. Strong lemon smells with a hint of skunk. I really enjoy it!!
Look...dark green with a lot of red hairs all over the flower. One has to look closely in order to see a sparkle but it there
Touch...Perfectly cured, the buds gives a bet but it not brittle
Smoke...Dry hitting you get a really nice lemon flavor all over your pallid with a hint of wood flavor.

this strain a heavy sativa hybrid strain. the high is really headed with create creativity and a can do attitude. I smoke it last night and was able to sleep with out any problem

  • Reviewed 3/14/17


The Smell of Diesel in the Morning

Another strain from Phyto Growers in Washington DC., and the hit continues.
Smell...just ask your patient consultant to open the display container under the the old saying goes "The Noise Knows". My nose is telling me that this is going to be a good ride. Instantly the aroma hits you like a brick, pungent smell of cannabis, with hints of fuel and sweetness of candy.
Looks..buds are full and with great trimming practice...dont see any tiny sugar leave. The flower is covered with red hair that are covered a light layer of cyrstal!
Touch...its dense and but yet it gives when you squeeze it.
I will finish the review int he near future

Last edited by v2chao on 3/14/17 at 12:04 PM Pacific



The Frost came over Snowman the strain

First of all this is the first batch of the new grower Phyto of Washington DC. If this is an indication of future crops, watch out DC...
Smell...first smell is a strong since camp fire (not sure how other people but i feel they should bottle camp fire smell so one can spray as a cologne) love the smell of camp fire...but the more you smell it the hint of floral, pepper and lemons come out.
LOOk...First of the smell took my attention to the glory of the flower. The color is a dark with very light hint of purple (if you look closely you see purple). The color reminds me of a camouflage materiel. The frost on the floral is amazing...its like it coated with what looks like frost like frost on a windshield in deep of winter. The frost is amazing to say the least. is dense in feel. perfectly cured. the sugar leafs are not crisp they will give with movement, as sign of excellent curing practice. The off putting is that the buds are not sticky.
I will review the smoke and effect later....
I smoke the med at 8 is truely a sativa i was up watching all kinds of college basketball.

Last edited by v2chao on 3/15/17 at 10:22 AM Pacific

  • Reviewed 3/12/17

Gorilla Glue #1 (Shake SALE)


Gorilla #1 is King in my jungle Woody with a hint of lemon at the end.
Looks..the buds are tight and you can see sprinkle of crystal shimmering all over the flower.
Feel...the buds are dense, perfectly cured not too dry and not too wet. Its dense but yet it gives a little when you squeeze. Just like squeezing the charming bathroom rolls. Gorilla Glue #1 is indica dominant strain but yet I was able to smoke it the morning with no laziness. I actually went to an event and did not feel tired at all.

  • Reviewed 3/10/17

SALE: Master Kush (Shake)


Master Kush the father of Indica

I am not really an Indica person...but this one is a keeper. The taste is so so...but the high take up the slack for its short coming. I took it at night right before bed time and i was able to watch a little tv and go right to bed. When I laid down I went right to sleep. I would use this again if I ever need to sleep.

Last edited by v2chao on 3/10/17 at 10:35 AM Pacific

Sugar In My Bowl

I need all the Sugar in My Bowl

Wow...can say it again WOW. This is a very strong strain...the cerebral high is amazing, very euphoric and creative. but yet it will make you laugh at the silliest things, like looking at my friend setting the cough and laughing his ass off. If you want to laugh and yet get things done this is the strain.

Last edited by v2chao on 3/10/17 at 11:21 AM Pacific



All Natural Buttah (Canna Butter)

i love this product...I leave it in the freezer to keep it fresh and bring it out in the morning time for my toast. On one toast I put about half a gram of butter and it is fantastic. The high from edible is very unique. I felt it in my body but yet i was able to work and be productive. i choice the natural cause i can change it to savory or sweet. The price seems a lot but i feel like i will get my money worth cause i have been using a little with a bigger effect.

  • Reviewed 3/8/17

Blue Cheese (Apellas)


Blue Cheese is all all day strain for me

Even though this is 100% Indica, I was able to relax on the couch, without putting me totally out. The high was even i was relaxed but yet functional. Watched the Wizard last night and they are on a west coast swing so it was late. But when i was ready for bed the Indica kicked in.

Last edited by v2chao on 3/8/17 at 12:03 PM Pacific

  • Reviewed 3/7/17

Leaning towards indica but not the cough

I like the body relaxing effect of the indica side of the strain but appreciate the alertness from the sativa. I smoked in the morning right before work and was ready to work but yet feeling relax and ready to work. The taste is piney with an hint of lemon at the end.

  • Reviewed 2/27/17

Convenience and Discreetness

I find the flavor very tasty but mild. The high is up lifting. Great for day time activities. I also like the fact that it is a "plug an play. No fuss, just screw the cartridge and start inhaling. One advise make sure you prime the battery. Before you inhale make sure the solution is heated up so the solution will not leak into the battery. Always charge the battery before using.

  • Reviewed 2/26/17

Terp Sap

Hi in flavor and thin in texture

The product is very runny making it hard to handle and smoke. When using it with my rig is was hard to figure out how much i have on my dabber. But this product is perfect to coat a joint with it. It makes the joint taste great from the high terp in the sap and also allows the joint to smoke really slow. I like it using it this way but I don't advise on using the oil rig for this material.

  • Reviewed 2/20/17

CO2 Wax: Jack Herer

Very Nice and Surprisingly easy to handle

medicine is uplifting and give a since of euphoria. Defiantly a day time medicine. Very tasty too. it starts out smooth then you will get a pepper and mint flavor to the taste. Does not tickle the nose when exhaling.

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