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  • Reviewed 9/6/13

Dispensary Review:

C.R.A.F.T. Cannabis Delivery

Love you guys!

Thanks, for the FREEBIES...


You and your products are the BEST, thank you for making my life easier and more productive.

Great service, products & prices!!!!

See you soon,
The crazy barking dog lady


Strawberry Kush

Look for yourself and you be the judge...

My GF brought the same strain over today and we put them side by side.

See pic.

There is just no comparison, at all !!!

We are about to smoke it and enjoy the rest of this beautiful day. Thanks again, for showing up on time and making my day Miguel.


Thanks, everyone at CRAFT COLLECTIVE. You are the best and I will be back, see you in a few weeks.

Got six different strains and FREEBIES, TODAY. Yippie, need I say more? Anyways, its time to determine which one will be my next ounce.

Happy Smoking Everyone :)

Have a lovely weekend,
The crazy barking dog lady

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  • Reviewed 8/24/13

Dispensary Review:

C.R.A.F.T. Cannabis Delivery

Great Experience

The lovely lady who took my order was great, quick and efficient. Also Miguel the delivery driver was very professional and showed up on time. No need to go elsewhere, I have found my partner for life. As for the flowers; This is some freakin good ass bud and the smells are magnificent. I am so done with mid grade shit!!! Anyways, I was so worried these guys wouldn't come out my way and they did!

I just don't feel comfortable going into an actual dispensary all by myself. Yes, I'm weird. Whatever...

I picked up some Super Ape, Cherry Pie Kush & Grape Ape. I got lots of freebies too. I can't wait to try all these other strains on their menu.

See you soon!

Thanks, again
The crazy barking dog lady :)

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