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Dispensary & Marijuana Reviews

  • Reviewed 6/17/11

Trainwreck Bubble


Trainwreck Bubble

Just under 50% thc and just over 3% cbd. Great medicine. If pressed into a wafer it has a REALLY good bubble to it, i would say it almost boils. For GI problems this is very very effective medicine, and being a pure sativa its great for day use leaving you very alert and awake. Possibly a little too strong for work, depending on the patient.

  • Reviewed 6/9/11

Yak Capsules


Yak Capsules - THC:11.1mg/CBD:14.6mg

Yak Capsules : 12 gelcaps : 11.1mg THC/ 14.6mg CBD

I mainly use cannabis to treat my crohns disease so this review is mainly pertaining towards that, altho it did help my ADHD by allowing me to stay focused even with only 1 gelcap. Tested over the course of a few days after taking a break from all edibles for a couple days to better judge the effects.

Day 1 : Took 1 gelcap, 6 hours later took another single gelcap.
Effect : Very mild head change, almost not noticed. Decent pain reduction in the abdomen and slight pressure reduction as well.
Day 2 : Took 2 gelcaps, 6 hours later took another 2.
Effect : Mild head change, noticed it this time. Moderate pain reduction in abdomen and decent pressure reduction. Increase in appetite was decent.
Day 3 : Took 3 gelcaps, 6 hours later took another 3.
Effect : Decent head change,felt very positive although still a light dose for patients needing high THC levels. Moderate pain reduction in abdomen again (little more than 2 gelcaps) and moderate reduction in pressure. This was about the perfect 'working' dosage i believe. My abdomen felt almost normal, which is fairly rare these days, and i was able to work without the normal cloud of fog in my head .

Excellent product for those needing moderate to high doses of CBD. The ONLY negative I could say about these is sometimes shortly after taking them you have 'cannaburps'. Not a terrible thing but sometimes a little awkward haha. Review mostly pertains to my own condition. See you at HHC next time ^_^.

  • Reviewed 6/4/11


Usually i would rate this place 4/5, which to me is basically a perfect model dispensary. 5/5 is only for above and beyond, which my last visit felt like. Usual smoothe process : i.d. checked outside - very friendly security outside and in; very friendly receptionist - quick checkin with some small talk; quick paced line - even with about 6 patients in front of me and 3 handicapped people coming in and being served first the wait was still less than 10 minutes. Then my patient consultant (budtender) : Elan was VERY helpful. We got to talking about high CBD medicines and after a few minutes he asked if i would give him a review of a high cbd medicine they are thinking of carrying. Usually when im offered a sample to review somewhere it isnt a FULL product (unless its a brownie or cookie or something similar), but sure enough it was a full bottle of 12 high cbd yak capsules. For people needing high lvls of thc this is not the medicine for you ; the full bottle contains as much thc as a single bhang chocolate toffee bar. However for those needing high lvls of cbd this is an AMAZING medicine. Anyways Elan, above and beyond the normal consultant and i thank you for such a great experience.

As a whole this place is pretty consistant. The bud is always great, altho very rarely a little too dry. Some may say its too expensive but they have a pretty wide range of selection/prices. Plus they test all medicine to make sure theres no pathogens or pesticides as well as for cannabinoid levels. Security and reception is always very cheery and pleasent. Wait is never too long. Only issue i have with this place EVER is some of the patient consultants. A few are really helpful and knowledgable. Others seem to know only the basics. I will say tho that its only a select few of them; most of their employees are right on par. I even had one of the female consultants turn me away from a batch of their tinctures because she felt they were weaker than normal. She was amazingly helpful, actually being the only consultant who has asked if i minded sharing what my condition(s) is so we could find the best medicine for me. We ended up doing just that. Thank you harborside for such good experiences and setting an example for the industry.

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