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  • Reviewed 11/14/15

BerryO (SALE!)

I should have read the reviews 1st

Berry O is, as some pointed out, Berry O No! At first look it has an intense berry aroma that kept me with my nose in the bag. It also has a nice deep purple hue on the fluffy not densely packed buds. After smoking (and I am NOT a smoker... only use my one hitter to test potency) it was found wanting... My plan was to make some good tincture with it but find that to get rid of it it needs to be ground up and mixed with something else, probably a master kush (whenever they get a quantity of that in). All in all a Berry much waisted 400 bucks til something better comes along...

  • Reviewed 6/29/15

Dispensary Review:

Takoma Wellness Center

Takoma Wellness Center is the BEST!!!

I recently purchased a couple of oil cartridges (earlier review submitted) to vape as I don't rally care for smoking anymore. The cartridges that I got did not do anything for me pain wise nor did I feel any type of effect other than a mild headace. I submitted a review and Josh at the center contacted me and told me they would rectify the situation. I was MORE than satisfied with the outcome! Thanks Josh and the rest of Takoma Wellness. You have most definitely EARNED a repeat customer!

Blue Dream (SMALLS)


Sweet Dreams!

This Blue Dream Boutique is most definitely a satisfying bud. As a person who does not care for smoking anymore (just call me a homemade tincture man), I had no other recourse but to roll one up and put it in the wind. After a few minutes in my grinder I got just enough to roll a slim jim... I literally fired it up and took two hits only before I put it out. Talk about satisfying.... This hybrid delivers a creeper of a high that goes right to the heart of the problem. The sativa side had me wanting to compose music and work logic puzzles but in the end the Indica side took over and gave me that fuggit imma just chill for a minute feeling. All in all it was a mellow pain-free experience...

  • Reviewed 6/25/15

Colosal waste of money

I purchased this medicine in the form of a vape cartridge as I don't really like smoking anymore but still want the sensation of smoking. I had made a cannabis eLiquid at home in the past from some unknown strain and it did nothing but give me a slight headache. So I purchased the Merry n Berry cartridge since it was a CO2 extract high in THC (approx 40%). I got the product home and began to puff away only to become hugely dissapointed. Not only did I NOT get any relief from my joint pain but I also got no effect at all save for a similar headache effect from my homemade. I purchased two carts and can't use one (nor give it away). Highly dissapointed.....

I'm so sorry that the oil cartridge did not relieve your pain (and even gave you a headache!). Please email me at so that we can refund you the money.

  • Reviewed 6/7/15

Magical Butter Machine

first homemade tincture

I used 14g of some unknown bud and filled the line up to minimum with Everclear. Set the temperature to 160 degrees and hit the 4 hour tincture button. I came back 5 hours later (1 hour to cool) and strained my tincture into a bowl then poured via funnel into 3 4oz tincture bottles. I placed .5oz of the tincture in 16oz of juice and sat on the porch pain free all night.

  • Reviewed 6/7/15

Critical Kush Tincture (Sale Price)

Capital City Care

Homemade tincture

I too could not stand the burn of my homemade tincture so I placed .5oz of the tincture in a 16oz bottle of fruit juice. I got about 2/3 through it before I began feeling a very mellow high and had the pain from my arthritis gone....

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