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  • Reviewed 1/14/18

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Magnolia Wellness

In the cuts

I’ve been going to Magnolia before marijuana became legal with MEDICAL card. I love the location because it’s not on front street. The staff are always kind. I’m a huge fan of ordering online so that I can just be in and out of the despensery via the EXPRESS LINE. Now that merijuanna is legal the lines are longer and it takes more time to make a purchase. Being able to order online and just go in to the express line for pick up means the world to me because I’m always busy and my time is valuable. If you order express don’t forget to tell the person who checks you in, so she can let the other staff know or you might wait a little longer than usual.

TM Cookies Cartridges

Magnolia Wellness

Not strong enough

Cartridge is easy to use. Doesn’t have a strong smell so you can use it anywhere. However it is my opinion that the thc levels are not strong enough for me. The only time I can feel the medicine is if I’ve just waken up for the day . It’s not like smoking flower buds. I can say that this medication helped me with my anxiety and appetite it’s light, mellow and it will not put you to sleep. If you are looking to get high don’t buy this one.

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Magnolia Wellness
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