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  • Reviewed 7/1/17

Durban Poison

Herbal Alternatives

Energy & Good Feeling Vibes

Glad when Durbin Posion is on the menu. One of my favorite sativas! It's like a shot of espresso --- it gets me up and moving! Woke up this morning with a really sour stomach. Packed a bowl of DP and within fifteen minutes my stomach was fine after a glass of water.

Usually I prefer to medicate on DP during social gatherings, before working out, doing laundry and running errands. Wouldn't recommend smoking at night if sleep is what you're after.

The smell and taste are amazing too. Very unique with a faint taste of berries. All the way smooth here NO COUGHING.

  • Reviewed 6/24/17

Royal Medic (SALE)

Herbal Alternatives


Know the saying "momma knows best?" Well in this case; the budtenders here know best! I was very skeptical in trying a flower with as much CBD as THC in it. I was very much misinformed with what I thought a strain like this would do.

Freddie suggested I give this a spin as he's learned my pattern of medicine and what I need to cure my certain condition. After a few visits; I kept passing on Royal Medic UNTIL TODAY!!! Lions, tigers, bears oh my! Clearly this is a sativa leaving hybrid and the equal amounts of CBD and THC helped with my consistent fatigue, depression and constant back pain.

After smoking about half a gram of Royal Medic I was immediately uplifted and finally got off my ass and ran errands, cleaned my messy apartment and cooked dinner on a Friday night. Not bad at all I must say. Not my usual routine but the instant clarity, alterness, happiness and pain relief will have me coming back to Royal & Medic.

Freddie made me a true believer in CBD strains and totally gave me new insight to what's thought I knew. Folks, listen to your budtenders here /// they know their SheezzNaaaaaEEEEEE

  • Reviewed 6/23/17

Dispensary Review:

Herbal Alternatives

Just Renewed for another year

I have been with Herbal Alternatives for one year now and recently renewed. No question about renewing with the medical marijuana program and definitely without a doubt no question in choosing Herbal Alternative as my dispenary for another year!

You have a repeat Patient here in me Herbal Alternatives.

Jen, kudos to you and your amazing staff! I know it sounds corny but you all are truly like a second family. I walk in sometimes very down and sad. When I leave I am happy, smiling and enjoying the music I just heard there.

The staff know their stuff. Which I like. You can tell the owner only hires staff who know about marijuana not some off the street Joe's like other dispensaries.

We're so happy to have you with us for another year! Thank you for your honest review. We hope to see you soon!

Stay Well!

Crack is wack but not Green Crack aka Pincher's Creek

This is "Green Crack" basically. The dispenary had to rename it to adhere "wording" the DC Department of Health sets. Herbal Alternatives supplies marijuana not crack! Lol So, ok Pincher's Creek lol

I got this for energy and man I went from 0 energy to 10 after a session. Very focused at tasks at hand and very energetic about it.

The come down is very relaxing. Very giggly and talkative. Great for the gym, social settings, comedy binge watching and just a weekend to yourself to get errands done around the house.

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Herbal Alternatives


Chemdawg is what the young kids in DC call "loud." That very diesel, gasoline and very very dank smelling marijuana. You can't go wrong with this girl! Suffering from insomnia and you medicate heavy on Chemdawg and you'll be knocked out. At a boring party and not feeling confident around strangers? Lit up some Chemdawg and you're the life of the party.

Watch out though; the high THC can effect those who suffer heavily from anxiety.

  • Reviewed 6/17/16

Dispensary Review:

Herbal Alternatives


What more can I say that has not been said already by other reviewers.

Convenient location

You wont go wrong choosing this place to get your medicine from.

Thank you for your review! Hope to see you soon.

Stay Well!

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