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  • Reviewed 2/5/19


Green Point Wellness

Great price, decent weed

The buds are fairly dense, and have a cheesy smell and taste (despite the name). This is typically my go to at the $20/eighth price point (or Ghost OG). You can't beat this deal

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Ps: GP, I know it is StickyGuide's limitation of their site. I wasn't calling you guys stoopid. You guys are amazing. ;) xoxo

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  • Reviewed 2/3/19

G6 (aka Jet Fuel)

Green Point Wellness

Smells like gasoline!

I love this strain, and it is probably my favorite. Sadly, GP's price of $65 is kind of ridiculous and literally the highest in town =/. That said, they often still sell out of the G6 @ GP.
The strain smells and tastes like fuel, and the effects are quite strong. Definitely my go to when I can afford it.

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Grease Monkey

Green Point Wellness


I got this strain, and while I enjoyed it, the Greasy Monkey is silly strong. I'm a heavy smoker, and this left my dizzy after a couple rips on my ROOR.
Definitely recommend! (O_0)

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is ok

The strain is a little mediocre, isn't very strong nor is it terpene heavy, but @ $20/eighth it is one of the best deals in town and it does the trick. When I can afford it, I will binge on something smelly/delicious from Verano, or Culta. When I can't afford it, I get this (or Clementine) and no real complaints.

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