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  • Reviewed 5/28/16

Chemdawg Bite

I came to the dispensary to buy rosin, but when I smelled this new lady that was fresh into inventory I had to try her out. Upon opening the medicine bottle, the diesel funk jumped out and attacked my nostrils. It was followed by a funky fruity aroma and accompanied with a lime green frosty disposition. She was a bountiful gram with fluffy yet dense fresh buds. Already winning top scores for smell, look, and structure there were just two more categories to judge. Taste, and the high. The taste was just as amazing as the smell, smooth and intoxicating. Not so harsh that your first pull rips into your throat or chest, but strong enough that you know you need to take your time with this lady. The high for me was very spacey. My mind was floating, any aches disappeared but I didn't have couch lock and was still able to function, albeit in a very space cadet kind of way. I wouldn't recommend this if you have to think fast, but if a functional relaxing and creative high is what you like, this bud is for You.

Taste: 5
Bulk: 5
Smell: 5
High: 5
Score: 5/5

Purple Berry-O

My dispensary family was excited to show me their newest version of Berry-O, a limited release that sported a psychedelic purple hue with bright red and golden hair. As the connoisseur that I am, I had to oblige them, though I am not easily fooled by looks alone. Often times, a purple strain of a flower that isn't normally predisposed to be colored as such, is a genetic anomaly... a one off... a reverse albino that lacks the chlorophyl necessary to pack a powerful punch in the THC department. Well, the smell was not a factor in my purchase. It has an earthy, light fruit smell that didn't exactly win me over. If it was a blind choice I never would have chosen this flower. But, is to be done. Flowers are more than just a smell...the breakdown was lovely. Beautifully dense buds that have a nice yield for each gram. It did taste as earthy and mild as it smelled, although the berry was a bit more pronounced in the smoke. If this was called an indica, I would have given it a higher score. This bud sat me down. I was upset that I decided to try it out in the morning. I never would have done that if I knew this was going to make me want to cancel the day. Its great for night time, great for a sick day, or a day where you just don't want to use your brain much. Or your body...

All in all, a very long lasting high from this hidden indica strain masquerading as a Sativa.

Taste: 4.2
Bulk: 4.8
Smell: 3.8
High: 4.7
Score: 4.3/5

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Very Bomb Berry Bomb

I chose this flower for the smell alone. I'm searching for the right words that will justly describe the very berry funk that defines this awesome cultivar. The scent alone is intoxicating. I would scent my home with these flowers. Very uniquely floral funky fruit filled buds. Winning on smell, look, and bulk I was very excited to see how she tasted and what the high would be like. Well, my olfactory nerves may have gotten me too excited, as she burned her smell burned away as well. I would like to try this bud again in my vaporizer, for a smoother experience. However, consumed in a raw paper filtered doobie - her taste did not fare as well as I had hoped. It is quite possible that a rough trim that left too many fan leaves may have taken away from her flavor. However, she proved to be a delightful sativa that brought on a creative, giddy euphoria. Plenty of energy, and positive vibes abound with the very bomb Berry Bomb.

Taste: 4.2
Bulk: 4.8
Smell: 5
High: 4.7
Score: 4.7/5

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