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  • Reviewed 12/4/13

Cali Gold H2O

Best bang for the buck in the entire club

Fairly potent, not too harsh, tastes very clean and green and not at all chemical. There are 3 clubs that I know of that offer a $10 hash and this is the best of them. The product is nicely granulated for folks like myself who smoke out of a tiny hashpipe or rolling in a joint with cannabis flowers. Not too powdery,. Burns a little bit on the fast side but this is easily reconciled by using a 1-hitter. Availability and quality of the product are both very consistent.

I've smoked every hash imaginable in the last few years and I can say with certainty that this stuff competes with products triple the price. Re: prior comments, product is currently packaged in a standard screw-top gram container. Highly recommended, and I also strongly suggest using 1-hit pipes if you plan to smoke it straight. A gram should last even the most dedicated patient a good 4 days that way.

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