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  • Reviewed 4/29/18

Oil Spill

Very helpful

Great floral on the nose, body is appreciating the heavy physical stone, and mentally stepped back enough to focus and be productive. Hope to see this strain more often. Good job Woodmand Peak Farm.

Wine Pairing Note: Fantastic flavor pairing with 2016 Pewsey Vale Eden Valley Dry Riesling. The flower amplifies and opens up the petrol and lime notes in the wine. Flower was vaped. Tasty.

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  • Reviewed 1/19/17

2:1 CBD Tincture

Fast & Thorough

Recommended for pain management.
1full pipette seemed to take 20 minutes before I noticed any effect, and was like night & day.
Works quickly and thoroughly. The taste and texture is of least concern, but I would say it tastes like hemp rope infused coconut oil (MCT Oil).

  • Reviewed 8/6/15

Cookie Kush

Dank Dash

Good cookie

Cerebral: Nice uplift at first, with long gradual float downward. The closer to ground zero, the heavier the stone.

Physical: Not much at first, but, a nice pain relieving & muscle relaxing stone comes on, during the cerebral descent.

Ovetall: Nice Cookie variant. Good for muscle and joint pain.

Growers: Good Job!

  • Reviewed 8/4/15
Dank Dash

Ice Ice Baby

Tried out the Ice bar, due to CBD Caramel bar being sold out.

Flavor/Taste: Cool, refreshing, peppermint chocolate. Think of "Ice Cubes" chocolates.

Cerebral: Decent, general slightly stupid stone; best I can describe it.
Probably should not be out in public kind of stone... you know, the bad time to be at the Grocery Store kind of stone.

Physical: Strong. Genius. Fantastic muscle relaxant. Good for inflammation and as pain reducer.
Yoga like a Boss.

Overall: Cool and refreshing. decent cerebral stone, excellent muscle relaxant.
I still prefer the High CBD Caramel Bhang bars, for anxiety and pain management though.
Always good to try something different, once in a while.

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White Buffalo

Dank Dash

Buffalo Stance

Cerebral: Nice, easy going, good study session strain. Good for focusing. Mild uplift. Wont get lost in a fog, or spin off into orbit.

Physical: Increases hunger. Mild muscle relaxant.

Overall: Nice strain. Id rate this batch at a level 2 Strength, not 3.

  • Reviewed 6/10/15

Grand Daddy Medusa

Dank Dash


Smell/Taste: Huge linalool floral bouquet (Lavender).

Cerebral: Bit of a creeper, chill & clear. Good for anxiety.

Physical: Liquifies muscle tension. Im loving it! Some increase of appetite.

Overall: Great for anxiety and muscle tension. Gonna have to be a good Grandson, and visit Grand Daddy Medusa more often.

Growers: Great Job!

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  • Reviewed 5/26/15

Berry White

Dank Dash

Can't get enough of your love babe

Smell - Floral & berry

Taste - Sour pine, forest floor.

Cerebral - Overall, Relaxed and Alert.
Starts off with a slow creep, and then a blast of euphoria, which dissipates into a very pleasant thought provoking period, until your brain hardens into cement.

Physical - Heavy, weighed down, thunder blanket, turn you into stone (mental & physical).
Mild muscle and joint tension release.

Overall - Powerbomb. Great for blasting Anxiety.
I won't lie, this was very difficult to write. Off to bed.

Growers: Great job!

  • Reviewed 5/7/15

Black Afghan

Dank Dash

Spicy Dish

Nag Champa spice blend.

Spicy and earthy
Pair it with Moroccan food.

Clear headed and functional.
Slightly perky, but totally chill.

Good level of CBD.
Good for pain relief.
Decent increase in hunger. Mmmm, Moroccan food.... (Homer Simpson)

Overall: Good for pain relief, and increasing appetite .

Growers: Good Job!

  • Reviewed 4/30/15

Tahoe OG Budlets

Dank Dash

39.0917° N, 120.0417° W

Type: Indica Dominate Hybrid
Genetics: OG Kush x San Fernando Valley OG (SFV OG)

Smell/Taste: Snow covered pine, and earthy on exhale.

My orbitofrontal cortex is numb. Mind is clear and quite, all the noise is canceled. Can be productive (writing this review), but I would much rather sit with my eyes closed right now. Great for anxiety. Took me three vape sessions (each having a significant impact), to bring me down from where I was earlier.

Good for muscle pain. Solid heavy stone.

Overall: Great for anxiety, and muscle pain.

Growers: Fantastic job!

Other strains you might like:
> San Fernando Valley OG (SFV OG)
> Medusa
> OG Kush

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  • Reviewed 4/20/15

Blackberry Kush

Dank Dash

Mobility Management

90% Physical / 10% Cerbral

Cerebral: Decent, clear, focused, calming stone. Good for anxiety.

Physical: Predominate physical Stone with muscle relaxant. This is why I love Kushes. Joint pain has been minimized, and had amazing tension release during the yoga session I just finished.

Growers: Good Job!

  • Reviewed 4/19/15

Key Lime Pie

Dank Dash


Cerebral: Strong buzz, light fogginess, uplifted, calm, restful, focused, functional.
Started yawning like crazy after the first session. Good for anxiety.

Physical: Great body stone. Muscles relaxed, joints started popping and cracking.

Growers: Good Job!

Overall: You’ll keep coming back for more!
GSC fans will appreciate.
After The fourth session, I told myself to save some for later.

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  • Reviewed 4/17/15


Dank Dash

Back in Black

Fantastic Strain!
Seamless Integration.
Most impressive High CBD strain I've tried.

Cerebral: Single wave sensation starting from the top of my head traveling down to the rest of my body. Ive felt the sensation both days I wake & baked. Engine On! Completely focused, grounded, and at ease. The "Wakefulness" aspect of CBD, I mention in other reviews, makes a whole lot more sense now.

Physical: I haven't been paying as much attention to my problem areas over the past two days, so, I would say its effective for pain management.

Overall: This is my High CBD Strain.
Highly recommend for anxiety and pain management.

Growers: Fantastic Job!

* Favorite & Prefered Strains found helpful for Anxiety:

> ACDC (Favorite Strain) - High CBD
> Cannatonic (Favorite Strain) - Balanced THC/CBD
> Cannatonic (Pop Naturals CO2 Oil) - Balanced THC/CBD
> Ringo's Wish - High CBD
> Harlequin - High CBD

> White Widow
> Athena (Favorite Strain) - Widow Variant
> Amsterdam's Widow - Widow Varian

> Zeus (Favorite Strain) - Indica
> Early Girl - Indica


> Bhang CBD Caramel (Favorite)
> Cheeba Chews CBD

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  • Reviewed 4/14/15

Cheeba Chews THC/CBD

Dank Dash

Chew Chew is the thing to do

Ah, The Road to Wellville.

Does a very nice job for pain management.
Starts working quickly, and keeps going for a while. Clear headed. Does not seem to have much of a muscle relaxant property, but does work wonders on joint and muscle pain. Concentrated, spicy and herbal. Might upset stomach, so, I recommend eating a little something before or with.

Ive wanted to try this Cheeba Chew for a while, and glad I finally did.
For what I need though, I prefer Bhang CBD bars.

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CO2 Oil

Dank Dash

Everybody tell me, have you heard

Pop goes the world!

Cannatonic - Fantastic for anxiety. Staple. Keep it loaded and ready to go.
Fantastic for quitting cigarettes.

Skunk - Good for anxiety and as anti-depressant. Mild & pleasant.

Godfather OG - Good for pain, and decent muscle relaxant. Pleasantly suprised by strength of physical stone. Good staple to have in the medicine cabinet.

Oils are clean and pleasant. The three oils which I have tried, are excellent and recommend them.

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Agent Orange

Dank Dash

Friendly Fire

A nice upbeat and friendly strain. Perfect for Wake & Bake days.
Mostly cerebral, a bit spacey, yet, clear and focused. No extreme amp.
Mild muscle relaxant. Moderate munchie factor.
Might not be the best strain when being on the down low, even with a vaporizer.
Best as anti-depressant.

  • Reviewed 4/1/15

Early Girl

Dank Dash

Up and Adam, here comes Madame...

Thanks for the head's up in the description, regarding anxiety.
Lower THC and higher CBD levels is perfect, for those with Anxiety issues.

Cerebral - Quiets the noise, and gives a bit of breathing room between you and the world.
Level two strength is appropriate classification. Will take you exactly where you need to be, while restoring functionality.

Physical - mild muscle and joint tension relief.

* Other Strains found helpful for Anxiety:

> Cannatonic (Favorite Strain) - Balanced THC/CBD
> Cannatonic (Pop Naturals CO2 Oil) - Balanced THC/CBD
> Ringo's Wish - High CBD
> Harlequin - High CBD

> White Widow
> Athena (Favorite Strain) - Widow Variant
> Amsterdam's Widow - Widow Varian

> Zeus (Favorite Strain) - Indica
> Early Girl - Indica

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  • Reviewed 2/17/15

White Widow

Dank Dash

...It's a nice day for a White Widow...It's a nice day to start again.

Fantastic Strain.
Growers, fantastic job!

Mental -
Clear, focusing, and calming. Thaws mental freeze, provides focusing, and will help restart functionality. Vanishes irritability, edginess, and mental shackles. Great for anxiety.

Physical -
Increases appetite, but not to a ravenous state. Eyes remain fairly normal. Comedown is smooth, even and relaxed.

Other strains you might like:

> Athena (White Widow (Brazil-Sativa x India-Indica) x Empress Kush (Chemdawg x Emperor Kush))

> Cannatonic (MK Ultra X G-13 Haze)

> Zeus (God Bud x Cactus)

> Chem Dawg

> Sour Diesel

> Harlequin

> Jack Herer

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  • Reviewed 1/27/15

Black Lime Reserve

Dank Dash

Keep the lime open

Nice strain. Tasty when vaped.
Solid cerebral stone; clear headed, functional.
Decent physical stone; muscle and joint relaxing.
Good for anxiety; it's like a thunder blanket.

* Physical stone might be skewed, having consumed Bhang CBD chocolate earlier.

Also, a very interesting strain for this segment of time in my life.

It's a keeper.

  • Reviewed 1/19/15

Prize Kush

Dank Dash


Smells and tastes wonderful,. A bit of expansion on intake.
Great for anxiety, insomnia, and pain.
A lil bit goes a long way.
Love it, but its not an everynight strain for me, a bit foggy and long wakeup time the next morning.

  • Reviewed 12/10/14

Daily Regimen

Been eating at least a half a bar of the Bhang CBD Chocolate, everyday for the past few months.
Eating a whole bar in one dose is too much for me, if I need more, I wait a few hours.
I recommend eating the chocolate earlier in the day, due to the wakeful aspect of the CBD.
The CBD has helped tremendously, in controlling and tempering my anxiety levels, along with pain management.

  • Reviewed 11/21/14

Cherry Garcia

Cherry Garcia is my second O.Pen cartridge, and I like it.
Good clean clear solid mental stone. Good for anxiety.

Props for new packaging design.

Im still trying to get fully on board with O.Pen.
My issues are Glycol, lack of % breakdown (THC/CBD), lack of genetic info.

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Ringo's Wish

Dank Dash

I wish I may, I wish I might, have this strain tonight

Excellent strain
Classic high CBD strains milky floral notes, when vaping.
Stelar job in squelching anxiety. Provides focus "Dialed In". Completely clear headed and productive. Does not have an amp, but does have the high CBD "wakefulness". Excellent for pain. Took care of some pain, that a combo of Bhang CBD Chocolate and Advil couldn't.

Grower(s): Excellent job! Best high CBD strain I've had to date. Keep it in the rotation.

  • Reviewed 11/3/14

Training Day

Dank Dash


Bit of a creeper. Calming, noise reducer, heavy eyes, good for sleep. Did half a vap session, and am functional, a full session and I would probably be useless. Good for pain, took care of some pain Bhang CBD Chocolate couldn't alone.. Its a champ.

  • Reviewed 10/22/14


Dank Dash


Im loving this strain, and putting it in as my #1 default.
G-13 on its own, is fantastic for me, really helps me focus.
I dont know MK Ultra on its own, so, cant speak on.

I need and look for high CBD levels, wether in an edible (Bhang CBD) or flower.
The combo of high CBD levels Inline with THC levels, and G-13, simply Genius.

Growers: Great Job.
Please keep this strain in a quick rotation

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  • Reviewed 8/15/14

Its different

With this system and similar, the effect is kinda different.
The stone seems to be clear headed and completely functional.
Its a good system and stone, when you need to functional and on the down-low.

If you are looking for dreamy fog, spaced out, or stupid drooling, this is not for you.

Is it for all-day everyday,? I would say no.
Theres something about it, where my inner voice says, "No, no more, were done with this for now".
Its good for the in-between times.

  • Reviewed 8/12/14


Dank Dash

Important Strain

Great high quality crop. Bravo!
Gorgeous buds, with a woodsy blend of flavors.
Very clear headed, calms the noise, grounding, and provides focus.
Good for pain relief and muscle tension release, CBD edible better for more serious physical relief though.

Great for generalized anxiety!
Im on a path of discovery with CBD. The more time that goes on, the more I realize, the importance of CBD in treatment of anxiety. When I say anxiety, I do not mean the typically perceived temporary angst and despair brought on by a stressful situation, rather an uncontrollable heightened tense state (mentally and physically) 24/7.

The only drawback ive noticed (for me), when increasing my CBD intake in any format (edible, tincture, flower) is a weighed down blah, with too frequent of use. Not sure how to describe it, not the typical stoner lethargy. Definitely need to learn the appropriate consumption rate (time & quantity).

  • Reviewed 4/9/14

Canni Caramel - Indica

Dank Dash

Blissfully Potent

Bravo! Im loving the hash caramels. I was not really into edibles, until I discovered these gems.

Taste: Perfect flavor combo, super tasty. Texture and quality are great.

Timing: Takes about an hour for it to start kicking in, two hours till its really in effect. Total duration is about 6-8 hours. Each caramel is two doses (1/2 caramel) If new to edibles, I recommend taking 1/2 dose (1/4 piece of whole) and wait an hour or so, to gauge if need a full dose. The caramels are blissfully potent, and comes on slow and steady. By the third hour, its in full effect.

Cerebral: Super chill, relaxing, fabulous, warm & fuzzy, lovely. Warm gentle brain buzz, super comforting. Great for anxiety. If it gets a bit intense, drink a bit of water. Not recommended for times when you need to be highly functional.

Physical: Pain starts to vanish within the first hour, muscles start to relax and joints start popping at around two hours. Absolutely superb. Stretching or yoga is highly recommended.

Overall: Blissfully Potent

Manufacturer: Fabulous job! Keep up the good work!

  • Reviewed 4/8/14

Nice product

Taste: Under tongue the taste is black pepper, on top of the tongue the taste is potent fruit and floral.
Will need to chase with water if you get any on top of tongue, good but potent flavor.

For the first try of this product, each full pipette dose was spaced out by an hour.
One pipette helped with nausea, the second help with joint pain, the third seemed to maintain the effects without amplification. Did not seem to possess a muscle relaxant property.

Cerebral: clear headed, slightly chill. Depending on dose and THC tolerance, might keep you awake if taken late night.

Overall: Good hybrid tincture to have in the medicine cabinet.

Manufacturer: Good Job!
For future batches, I would suggest documenting the strain(s) and percentages used, along with the THC/CBD test results of each strain used, obtaining test results for the finished product(s), and use lot/batch codes. Devil in the details. Keep up the good work!

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  • Reviewed 4/6/14

Kosher Kush

Dank Dash

מיין פרייַנד (my friend)

Cerebral: Calming, good for anxiety. Functional, not for late night, chill but wakeful.

Physical: Great for pain management.

Overall: My friend. Quality. Great for pain management. Great quality as is for smoke/vapor, but, being made into an edible could be amazing

Growers: Great Job!

  • Reviewed 2/27/14

Alaskan Thunder F*ck

Dank Dash

Taking Care of Business (TCOB)

Smell/Taste: I agree with "Taste is sweet and Musky, red grape smell with a hint of dark chocolate."

Cerebral: Good antidepressant, good for anxiety. Clear headed, focused, uplifted but grounded, a bit spacey, appropriate amp.

Physical: Great pain relief, good muscle relaxant. Love the CBD level.

Overall: Taking Care of Business (TCOB)
Great strain for when you just gotta break free, and get stuff done.
Currently contemplating putting this in my Favorites group.

Growers: Great job.

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Dank Dash

You can call me Flower if you want to

Genetics: Super Skunk x Big Skunk Korean x Afghani Hawaiian

Scent: Nice and Skunky.

Taste: Spicy, and I did get a nice unexpected pop of lavender in one of the hits from a session yesterday, but not today, before writing this.

Cerebral: Easy going, social, uplifted, mellow, comforting.
Good for stress management and anxiety.
Ive totally forgotten how much I like skunk, until now.

Physical: Mild muscle relaxant, and mild pain relief.

Overall: Mellow, easy going strain.
Curl up on the couch, and read/watch movies on a rainy day.

Growers: Good job.

  • Reviewed 2/25/14

Sour Diesel (sun grown)

Dank Dash

Purrs like a kitten

Genetics: The specific lineage of Sour Diesel is tricky and documented very poorly. Some believe the Sour Diesel strain simply comes from a phenotype of Chemdawg that was slightly different and more on the Sativa side of the equation. Others believe Sour Diesel stems from the mixture of Original Diesel (which consists of Chemdawg x Super Skunk x Northern Lights) and an unknown Skunk phenotype (most likely consisting of Skunk x Hawaiian x Northern Lights).

Smell/Taste: Sun Grown strains seem to have more gentle and different aspects, then those solely grown under artificial lights. Opening the container, the scent seems to be musty and spicy. Grinding the bud releases some sour and diesel notes, but, not overpowering. Scent is on the pungent side during vape, burning would be more dramatic. Taste has a milky quality, which seems to be a sun grown characteristic. Other tastes are toasty, with a mild diesel and floral finish. Maybe my olfactory is off, but, this is what I got.

Cerebral: 95% Cerebral/ 5% physical.
Uplifting, calming, antidepressant, clear headed, functional, focused, thought provoking, slightly spacey. Great Wake-n-Bake strain, due to clear headed uplift, instead of racy amp.
Had a productive 3 hour/10 mile "Left alone with my Thoughts" hike.

Physical: Calming mild muscle relaxation and pain relief. No Lock.

Overall: Don't let the hardcore name scare you off.
Fun, slightly spacey, uplifted head high.

Growers: Good Job.

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  • Reviewed 2/22/14

G-13 Wax

Dank Dash


Genetics: Splendid.
Where's Mulder & Scully, when you need them?

Sight: Conical, dense, tons of orange hair, nicely trimmed.

Smell: Intriguing floral, fruity (mango), earthy, pine-related something in the background.

Taste: Very enjoyable, Milky floral.
I like sun grown.

Cerebral: Dialed In, alert, focused, clear headed, relaxed. No euphoria.
Wish I could of gone through college with G13.
Fantastic for anxiety.

Guessing its rich in Pinene.
Promotes alertness and memory retention by inhibiting the metabolic breakdown of acetylcholinesterase, a neurotransmitter in the brain that stimulates these cognitive effects.

Physical: Good anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxant properties.

Overall: Serious.
Its the “Adult” strain in the room.

Extremely impressed by the qualities.

I would like to see
G13 x Athena (White Widow x Empress Kush)
G13 x Grapefruit Kush (Grapefruit x BC Kush)

Growers: Great job.
Quality strain, keep it coming.

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  • Reviewed 2/20/14


Dank Dash

Kitchen Destroyer

Genetics: Chocolate Thai (Sativa) x Cannalope Haze (Sativa)

Smell: Earthy, cocoa powder, slight camphor

Taste: Enjoyable mouth feel. Brown notes, a light taste similar to Amsterdam's Widow (White Widow), sharp herbaceous note in the background, light cocoa powder on the finish.

Cerebral: Mixed on anti-anxiety aspects. Good Anti-depressant. Good for headaches. Bit of a creeper. Starts off a bit grounded, with a fog blanket wrapping my brain, moves on to being easily zoned out on the upward thrust of take off, hazey plateau, come down is gentle and clear headed with a mild dizziness. Hour duration, up to down. Upbeat, optimistic, renewed, and calm once down.

Physical: Increases hunger. I tried this strain twice before reviewing, just to be sure of the munchie factor. Both times; Absolutely Ravenous (even after eating a big dinner). Not for those on a diet. There is a pain relief aspect from the CBD, but there isn't much of a noticeable body stone.

Overall: Kitchen destroyer. Haze fans will appreciate.
Please change the strain info to Sativa, from Indica.

Growers: Good Job

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  • Reviewed 2/14/14

Grand Daddy Purple

Dank Dash

Ol Pappy (updated)

Genetics: Big Bud x Purple Urkle

Scent/Taste: Fruit (grape, berry), floral, spice. Linalool.

Cerebral: Calming, good for anxiety. Moderate stone. Functional, focused, and social. Kinda sleepy on the come down. Peace of mind, as previously reviewed.

Physical: Moderate stone, light-weight relaxant, rich in pain relieving CBD.

Overall: Rich in CBD
The CBD is transparent when you don't need it, and right there when you do. Ive had GDP a few times, and couldn't understand the following it has, until tonight. Been hiking the past few days, joints were hurting tonight, had two back to back vape sessions on a high temp setting... Pain GONE.
The previous times I've had GDP, I wasn't in pain, so the noticed effects were a general stone.
The CBD seems to be in the forefront, regulating the THC right from the beginning.

Having had strains with similar THC/CBD ratio's, the. THC usually seems to be at the front with CBD playing a supporting role. Strains with low THC v 10% /high CBD ^ 3%, the effects of CBD are obvious and sought after. Also being a regular user of CBD tincture, I thought I had a good understanding of CBD, but you learn something new everyday.

Growers: Good job, nice batch.

Other strains you might like:

Prime Time Purple:

God's Gift:

Purple Kush:


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  • Reviewed 2/12/14

American Pie (Limited)

Dank Dash

Possible good anti-inflammatory strain

Scent: Spicy menthol, sweet fruit (white grapes), hint of buttery notes.

Taste: Light on the pallet, not a rich vape experience. A burn session might be more rewarding. I agree with "candy-diesel soaked lemon rinds dominate the initial bouquet", with the apple pie notes being light but on a long finish.

Besides cinnamon, I also detect is Black Pepper, both of which could be indicators of Beta-Caryophyllene (anti-inflamatory)

Cerebral: Good for anxiety. Functional, not a knock out strain. Short duration. Clear headed, a bit spacey.

Physical: Mild to moderate body stone. Mild muscle relaxant.
Joints feel good, but not snapping and popping as I would from a strong Kush.
I would be interested to hear from those with inflammation issues.

Overall: Possible good anti-inflammatory strain.

Growers: Good job.

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  • Reviewed 2/3/14

Cataract Kush

Dank Dash

Powerful Duo

Genetics: LA Confidential x OG Kush

Scent: Afghani funk, herbal, spice, menthol/camphor

Taste: Potent, tasty, crisp green herbal high notes with kush mid-low notes.

Cerebral: Hits the third eye and wraps the forehead. Calming and clear creeper.
The wakeful qualities of OG Kush show through in small doses, and sedative qualities of LA Confidential are predominate in higher dose. Eyes are heavy, droopy, and red. Good for anxiety. Recovered quickly after first vape session (OG Kush pronounced), while second session stone is more heavy and longer lasting (LA Confidential pronounced). Deep sleep, very slow wake. Will need to wake and bake with a Sativa in the morning, to get you up and productive, coffee won't do it alone. Not recommended the night before you need to get up and going early, or have issues with depression.

Physical: Good for pain management, muscle relaxation, and joint pains.
Great for yoga. While the body stone is strong, its not the longest lasting, but you'll feel great long after the stone wears off.

Overall: Two heavy weight hitters teamed up to TKO your pains.
Powerful pain relief, good for stress management and anxiety.
Heavy body stone. 80% physical 20% cerebral.
Very impressed.

Growers: Great Job!

Other Strains you might like:

God's Gift (GDP x OG Kush)

Girl Scout Cookies (F1 Durban x OG Kush)

Thin Mint (Mint Phenotype - Girl Scout Cookies)


OG Kush:

LA Confidential (Afghani landrace x Southern California Afghani)

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  • Reviewed 1/28/14

Girl Scout Cookies (sun grown)

Dank Dash

Cookie Time!

Genetics: (OG Kush x F1 Durban)

Sight/Feel: Happy, hairy, sparkly, sticky, dense. Plant was a happy girl.

Scent: Sweet, earthy, menthol.

Taste: Sweet, minty, milky, floral. Very tasty, smooth, fragrant, enjoyable and satisfying.
From the few sun grown strains that I have had, flowers seem to possess a milky quality in the taste and mouth feel. Dense vapor clouds, even on a medium setting.

Cerebral: Strong buzz, light fogginess, uplifted, calm, restful, focused, functional.
Wont knock you out, but, will ease you down.
Good for anxiety.

Physical: Great body stone, and melt.
Great muscle relaxer, and anti-inflamatory properties.
Yoga is great with cookies.

Overall: You’ll keep coming back for more!
Ive already had three sessions tonight, and Im contemplating a fourth while writing this.
Physical dominate strain, with a decent cerebral stone. Its been a while since I have had cookies, and I had forgotten how much I like this strain. Great qualities for broad audience. OG Kush fans will appreciate.

Growers: Great Job!
Keep the sun grown’s coming.

Other Strains you might like:

Thin Mint:

Cataract Kush (LA Confidential x OG Kush)

God's Gift (GDP x OG Kush)

LA Confidential (Afghani landrace x Southern California Afghani)

Animal Cookies:

Platinum Girl Scout Cookies:

OG Kush:

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  • Reviewed 1/27/14


Dank Dash

Moonlit Beach

Im a vapor guy, I normally don't burn, but, a roll is always nice to have on special occasions.

Where: Empty & windy moonlit beach.

Roll Quality: Splendid.

Strain: San Fernando OG

Scent: Minty forest.

Taste: Minty forest.

Burn: Smooth, even and nicely paced. Surprisingly so, being on a windy beach.
Smell was potent, sweet, minty, pine. Very enjoyable, and satisfying.

Cerebral: Centering. Calming. Elevating. Healing. Balancing.
Great for Generalized Anxiety, Social Anxiety, Depression.
Great strain for Fall & Winter months.

Physical: Calming and relaxing. No lock. Full functionality. Good sleep, easy wake.

Rollers: Good Job!

Growers: Good Job!

Overall: You're good to go, with a pre-roll !
Daily to occasional burners will appreciate.

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  • Reviewed 1/24/14

Prime Time Purple

Dank Dash

Deep Purple

Smell/Taste: Dank Purple. Earthy, Grape, Berry, Afghani type notes. Grinding releases a lot of the fruity berry aromatics. Very nice smell and taste. Rich but not overly so. Not fragrant or flavorful as Purple Kush.

Cerbral: Chill and calm, functional, focused. Good thinking strain.
Good for stress and anxiety, but not the best.
Good sleep, slow wake, clear headed and recharged once awake.

Physical: Good relaxant and pain reducer, without being overbearing. A more rich version of GDP. Physical stone is not that strong, but, the pain relief from CBD is strong.

Overall: Dank. GDP fans will appreciate.

Growers: Great job!

Other strains you might like:

Grand Daddy Purple:

God's Gift:

Purple Kush:

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Cherry AK

Cruise & Groove

Taste: Very enjoyable vape. Tasty, yet mellow and smooth.
Cherry and sandalwood incense.

Cerebral: Clear headed, and mellow. Good for stress and anxiety.

Physical: Medium weight body stone. Mild muscle relaxant.

Overall: Cruise and groove. Very nice, easy going, enjoyable strain.
Keeping this in my preferred strain list.

Growers: Nice job!

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  • Reviewed 1/17/14

Omrita Rx (SG)


Genetics: Unknown

Smell: Green and woody notes, milky, minty

Taste: Milky, woody, minty. Makes your mouth water a bit.

Cerbral: Very mild clear headed creeper stone, enough to let you know you medicated.
Great for anxiety. Great for headaches. Calming in low dose, sedative in high dose.

Physical: Great for joint pain, inflammation, nausea.
Does not seem to posses a muscle relaxant property. Increases hunger.

Overall: Fantastic strain for pain and anxiety.
Very impressive. Good choice for evening and night time.
Harlequin is a better choice for day time, being more clear headed.

Newbies might want to do a 50/50 blend (Omrita Rx x other non high CBD), until they understand the effects, and appropriate dose of high CBD strains.
Too much of a good thing can cause a hangover.

Growers: Good job

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CBD Glycerin Tincture


Been using the tincture now, for about a week.
CBD tincture is a must for treatment of anxiety.

Flowers by them self only seemed to be hitting the surface, and felt like I needed a deeper saturation (something lacking). With CBD tincture Im more dialed in, more steady, cigarette and wine cravings are diminishing, taste buds have changed, skin is improving, increased hunger, THC euphoria and amp are more regulated and clear headed.

Sources online state that CBD is "alerting" in low dose, and sedative in high dose.
Alerting to me is a negative word associated with a anxiety, along the lines of panic and paranoia.
instead of the term "alerting", I am more comfortable with the use of the terms "Dialed-In", "Focusing", and "Wakefulness". I believe these terms more accurately reflect the noticed positive effect.

From Holos Health in Colorado.
"CBD works synergistically with THC, bolstering its medical effects while moderating its psychoactivity"

I could not have said it better myself.
CBD will help regulate the psychoactive effects of THC, but not completely eliminate it.
From my experience:

Sativa - High's have become more regulated, more of an uplift then an amp, more level and even, more productive. Comedown is more manageable. I have not tested the effects of a high THC strain, such as Platinum Jack, since starting the tincture though. Maybe I'll try it out next week, if Im up for it.

Indica - This is where I really noticed the reduction of psychoactivity. The wonderful euphoria which helps put distance between myself and the world, and aids in sleep, has been reduced. Not completely eliminated, but noticeably reduced. Still relaxing, but, more clear headed.
Im not sure how to describe it, but.... like the light from a lighthouse on a foggy night, or the field of vision from a port hole in a ship.

Whats the right dose? Depends on you.
For now, about 15 drops (about half a pipette) first thing in the morning is appropriate for me.
A full pipette is ok, but a bit weighed down during the day. Two pipettes starts to interfere with sleep (Wakefulness). I have not tried going beyond two pipettes yet, to test the high CBD dose sedative effect

Links to CBD information

Project CBD

Holos Health

Emerald Wellness Co-Op

Beyond THC

MedicaL Jane

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God's Gift

Dank Dash

Master Reset

Genetics: Grand Daddy Purple x OG Kush

Smell: Menthol, lavender and herbaceous notes

Taste: Menthol, lavender, butter, green notes

Cerebral: Great for anxiety, resting and being quite, pain management, uplifting, focusing, therapeutic. Seriously stoned, I feel great. Great sleep. Wake up slightly slower, but clear headed, relaxed, and renewed.

Ive had GDP before, and thought it was lacking something (for me). The effects were nice, but not something special for me. I think the combination of GDP and OG Kush in God’s Gift, is a really nice combination. Some aspects: Im content to sit and put all my focus on watching a movie, and not fiddle on my iPad while “watching” a movie (anti-anxiety & focusing). The presence of Oh Gee Golly Kush is apparent with its uplift (anti-depressant).

Physical: Relaxing. Good heavy mind and body stone that comes on slow & steady, and for a surprisingly long time. Noticed it in my forehead first, then it wrapped the sides towards the back, and down through my body. Very content to sit and be still. Joints are popping, muscles are relaxing, and I feel heavy. Still functional, but rather not be active, especially after my second session. Increased appetite. Great sleep. Wake up relaxed and feeling good.

Overall: Fantastic strain. The name fits. Classic. A great staple in the medicine cabinet.
Heavy pain management strain for mind and body.
Im truly surprised how completely stoned I am (mind & body). Master Reset.

Growers: Fantastic Job!

Other Strains you might like:

Grand Daddy Purple (GDP):

OG Kush:


LA Confidential:

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Grapefruit Kush

Dank Dash

Grapefruit Kushie Pop

Smell: Brown hash, green and purple notes, with a bit of menthol.
Surprisingly, I do not detect grapefruit on the nose.

Taste: Pleasant, tastes like the strain grapefruit, but with hash taking the place of the bitter notes of the Grapefruit strain. Grapefruit wrapping a Kush flavored center; a Grapefruit Kushie Pop.

Cerbral: Fantastic uplifting strain, just like Grapefruit, but with a solid grounding Kush core.
Anti-Depressant, uplifting, motivator, functional, nice amp.
Grapefruit Kush is a solid and well balanced strain, perfect for the daytime.
Great Wake & Bake strain.

Physical: 95% Cerebral 5% Physical.
Gentle physical relaxation.
Kush rounds the edges off the Sativa amp.

Overall: Grapefruit Kush is being placed in my Favorites list.
I love Grapefruit, I love Kush, and Im loving Grapefruit Kush.

Grapefruit is a great Sativa, but has some rough edges.
Grapefruit Diesel is more well rounded than Grapefruit, but might be a bit too euphoric for the situation at hand.
Grapefruit Kush is a solid choice.

Growers: Great Job!

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  • Reviewed 12/21/13


Sunny Forecast

Genetics: Cinderella 99 x fruity Sativa

Smell: Fish.... Joke! Grapefruit :)

Taste: Grapefruit. Tasty, I love it.

Cerebral: Anti-Depressant, uplifting, motivator, functional, gentle amp, kinda spacey, good brain buzz.
Good pick-me-up.

Physical: No noticeable body buzz, all cerebral.

Overall: Tasty anti-depressant. One of my default go-to strains.

Growers: Good job

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  • Reviewed 12/20/13

Amsterdam's Widow

Dank Dash

My Fair Lady

Genetics: Brazil (Sativa) x India (Indica)

Smell: Earthy forest brown notes, mossy wet rock, slight camphor.
Taste: Earthy forest brown notes, fibrous, rich and resinous, Filling; after a few good puffs in my vaporizer, I kinda choked up and had to stop.

Cerebral: Calming frequency modulator, noise reducer, healing, meditative, functional, a bit spacey on small dose and can see becoming zoned out in larger doses, amp is gentle, relaxing brain buzz on top of my brain, frontal lobe feels dense and quite. Slight creeper, might need a few sessions to learn appropriate dosage. Absolutely phenomenal for anxiety, I've totally calmed down. Amazing. THANK YOU!!!! My world is so quite. If I didn't have to meet a friend for dinner, I would totally take a nap right now.

Looking at the strain Athena (White Widow x Empress Kush), I have a better picture of how White Widow and the benefits thereof, fit into the strain. White Widow is everything Athena is, but whiteout being wrapped in the blanket of Kush. Absolutely love it. Athena can be a bit heavy, when your not in the mood for Kush during the day.

Physical: Relaxed and calm. My body wants my eyes closed (Meditative, not sleepy) . Almost entirely cerebral, not much body buzz.

Overall: Healing Anxiety Vanquisher!

Growers: Phenom Job! Keep this strain in the rotation.

Other strains you might like:

Athena (White Widow x Empress Kush):

Mr. Frosty (White Widow x Mr. Nice):

Zeus (God Bud x Cactus):

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Dispensary Review:

Dank Dash

I Feel the Love

Amsterdam's Garden is the Alpha of San Jose Dispensaries.
Conveniently located, and professional-friendly discreet.
Proud and comfortable interior, with a friendly relaxed atmosphere.
Professional and knowledgable staff, that are engaged and take pride in their work.
Products and Flowers are quality top shelf.

A great big THANK YOU, to my friends at Amsterdam's Garden!
I feel the love!

Bringing back Zeus and Athena... at the same time! Big hug! :)
... and I see that you have also recently brought back Amsterdam's Widow (White Widow), a sub-strain making Athena. You know I will be checking her out soon, and writing a review.
Im pumped!
Much Love!

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Zeus OG

Dank Dash

Praise Zeus! My boyfriend is a Greek God :)~

Im always amazed with Zeus.
Seriously, can't praise this strain enough.
Always takes me where I need to be.

I am completely captured by Zeus, and want to learn all that I can about the strain and the genetics.

I visited with my friend Athena earlier today, and now visiting with beloved boyfriend Zeus.
Zeus has his arm around me, making me feel safe, removes my insecurities, quiets my world, and vanquishes my anxiety. Haha, yup, he's made me feel better again :)

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Dank Dash

Saved Again by the Anti-Anxiety Goddess

First, a great big THANK YOU to my friends at Amsterdam's Garden!

I can not possible put into words how much this strain helps vanquish anxiety attacks.
What I can say is that, I love Athena! Im so glad I had her around today, when I needed her.

If you suffer from anxiety attacks and generalized anxiety, Athena and Zeus are your best buds.
I love Athena when I need her morning till early evening, Zeus for mid evening till late night.

Link to Zeus:

Adding a bit more info regarding the genetics of Athena:
White Widow is one of the sub-strains of Athena.
At Amsterdam's Garden, you can find Amsterdam's Widow, an organic White Widow.
"Imagine the legendary White Widow strain, but enhanced through 100% organic means. "

Link to Amsterdam's Widow:

A bit of info regarding White Widow from Medical Jane:
White Widow is one of the predominate sub-strains within Athena. "Considered a 60% Sativa (Mind) / 40% Indica (Body), White Widow is full-bodied medicine that can be a bit spacey. This makes it popular among patients suffering from anxiety, PTSD, chronic aches and pains, as well as migraines."

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Platinum Jack

Dank Dash

Get Jack'd

Genetics: Platinum Kush x Jack Herer
(Master Kush x Afghani) x (Haze x Northern Lights x Skunk)

Scent/Taste: On first smell; rich, musky, waxy.
Linalool and the color purple came to mind.
Sweet musky purple floral.
Lilac, grape, plum, neroli, myhrr, camphor, tea tree.
Taste is earthy.

Mental: Clear, functional, productive, dialed In, uplifting. A good balance between the mental calming yet uplifting effects of Kush and the amp of Jack. Did not cause amp induced anxiety.
About 1.5 - 2 hour up time. Comedown is smooth and gradual.

Physical: Felt it hit my eye area first, a relief of eye strain, and a feeling of increased focus.
Felt a sensation on the top of my brain. Good brain buzz. Does not blast the temporal lobe, like the Green Lantern strain for example.

Green Lantern: ((White Rhino x Green Crack) x OG Kush) ? I think those are the genetics ? :

Overall: Excellent strong and balanced Sativa strain. Top Shelf. Highly recommended.
I usually stay away from strong Sativa’s, but was sold once I found out that the Platinum was Kush and not Haze. Funny; I am not a Haze fan, but do like Jack Herer. While I appreciate PJ, its not my first pick for me personally, since I prefer a milder Sativa such as Amsterdam's Widow, Athena, Agent Orange, and Cinderella 99 .

Amsterdam's Widow (Brazil (Sativa) x India (Indica)):

Athena (White Widow x Empress Kush):

Agent Orange (Orange Skunk x Jacks Cleaner x Space Queen):

Cinderella 99 (Princess x Cinderella 88):

Growers: Awesome Job!

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Dank Dash

UPDATE - (CBN) Insomnia Vanquisher

*** Update: Something has bugged me about the come down from this strain for about a month.

I believe that the huge comedown is due to possible high CBN. Something that I am not familiar with.
According to Medical Jane, CBN is good for is good for insomnia.

Perfect strain for insomnia!
...Wish I had some now, being 3:30 am.

Growers: I am completely impressed by the Greek Mythology strains! Keep them coming!
Totally lost and confused with the Atlantis strain at first, took me a while, but now I understand it.
>Zeus (PM) and Athena (AM) for anxiety
>Medusa for pain management
>Atlantis for insomnia

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Purple Kush

Dank Dash


Genetics: Hindu Kush x Purple Afghani

Smell/Taste: Super aromatic. Fruity (Grape) and Floral. Totally tasty and enjoyable vap.
Scent and taste would make for a great candy medible, skin product, even a candle.
Lets get going on isolating the Purple Kush Terpenes!

Mental: Clear, calm, uplifted, focused, functional.
Good for generalized anxiety, social anxiety and depression.

Physical: Relaxing, but not the typical deep full-on release found with other kushes.

Overall: Royalty.
Elegant connoisseur strain, equivalent of a fine wine.
Great strain for the holidays, and dinner parties.

Growers: Fantastic job!
Thank you, this is a real decadent treat!
Keep this on your grow calendars for enjoying around the year end holidays.

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Blackberry Kush

Dank Dash

Down on the Farm

Smell/Taste: Blackberry with straw and green notes. Very tasty and enjoyable. Like walking around an actual farm while vaping.

Mental: Took a minute to feel it start to take effect. Could be considered a creeper ("Surprise"!), but I think wave (Grows and Travels) is more appropriate. Started at the back of my brain, wrapped around the sides to the front, ending with a bop on top of my head. Started very clear, almost too clear (had me wondering), then the warm dense cloud wrapped my brain which then cleared when I started to stretch. Functional, focus.

Physical: Excellent "Tension-B-Gone".
Following the warm cloud wrapping my brain, tension releasing waves went down my neck to shoulders to arms and ending at my feet, instantly causing me to get up and start stretching. I sounded like a bowl of Rice Krispies, the way my joints were snap crackle and popping.

Growers: Great Job!
An enjoyable strain for anytime of the year, but for amusement, It be really cool to see all growers in the Bay Area, team up and coordinate, the release of all the fruity/food type strains in the Spring and Summer.... like a farmer market.... Blackberry Kush, Banana OG, Strawberry Diesel, Grapefruit, Cannalope Haze, Blueberry, Chocolope, etc. :) Food for thought :) Lets create a Bay Area MMJ Farmers Market Festival :) Sound like fun?

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Zeus OG

Dank Dash

Saved from Above

Zeus is the one strain, which I have benefited the most from.

Genetics: God Bud x Cactus.
(God x Hawaii x Purple Skunk) x (Northern Lights x Afghani)

Green vegetative, hops, floral, mango, menthol, mint, eucalyptus, candied spices.
* Possible Terpenes
Borneol - Calming sedative
Myrcene - Anti depressant, muscle relaxant
Linolool - Anti-anxiety, sedative
Pinene - Mental focus
Eucalyptol - Centering, Balancing

Mental: The best "Anxiety-B-Gone". Super calming, clear headed, functional, focusing.
I can feel the areas of my brain, its hitting.

Physical: Great "Tension-B-Gone". Calming, muscle relaxer.
Zeus + Yoga = Awesome!

Sleep: Slow easy wind down, restful sleep, easy wake.

Other strains you might like: Athena, Northern Lights

> Athena -
An Sativa equivalent of Zeus, perfect for the daytime.

> Northern Lights -

Growers: Fantastic job!
Make Zeus a permanent bay area resident.
Yes, this review is uber late.
I saved my last Vap for when I needed him the most.

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  • Reviewed 10/20/13

Dream Queen

Hail the Queen

Taste: Straight up mango. Very tasty.

Mental: Another great "Anxiety B-Gone" strain.
Calming, uplifting, functional, slightly hazy, appropriate amp.
Good for day or night.

Physical: Appropriate muscle relaxation, and joint pain ease.

Overall: Great "Anxiety-B-Gone" strain.

Growers: Good Job!
I've been waiting for the queen to make her return to the area. Please keep her around.

  • Reviewed 10/17/13

OG Kush

Dank Dash

Oh Gee golly Kush :)

Taste: Enjoyable Vap.

Mental: Upbeat and smiling, "This strain can add sparkle to a mundane day, making everything feel happier and brighter." Seriously, good antidepressant. Clear headed focus. Calming. Good for Anxiety. Good for daytime. Come down is a slightly heavy.

Physical: Good muscle relaxation and joint pains, almost on par with a stronger Kush. Good for headaches, including sinus headaches.

Overall: Great qualities. I think I found my new favorite Kush.
Totally spot on description "equivalent of a tropical cocktail - the light fruity flavors can make you forget the potency, so it sometimes too easy to overindulge!"

Growers: Great Job! I think this is a great strain for Fall and Winter months, put it on your 2014 grow calendars. Hoping the 2013 supply levels are good, to keep this around a while, during the 'ber' (Burrrrr, its cold) months.

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Dank Dash


Original Review:

Taste: Light mineral and green notes.

Mental: Calming, uplifting, floating, foggy. Good Indica for the daytime, though come down is a bit heavy. Good for Anxiety.

Physical: calming and relaxing. Increases hunger. Fully functional. Eyes feel a bit heavy.
Gentle pain relief, and mild muscle relaxation.

Overall: Nice qualities, worth checking out.

Growers: Good Job!
I consider this a "Geek Strain", and possibly a "Cult Strain".
On its own, its interesting to try it out, and discover it for what it is. Seems to be lacking a backbone to support the come down, which is rather heavy, especially for a #2 strength classification. Its like this strain is unfinished, and needs to be bred with something else. Great potential. Really enjoyed it, until the come down.
... and Cult Strain, due to the fact that there are probably people out there which love this strain as is.

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  • Reviewed 10/14/13

Tahoe O.G.

Dank Dash

Cerebral Saint

Taste: Cool forest notes. Very enjoyable vap.

Mental: Cerebral door opener. Crystal clarity. Analytical. Centering. Calming. Elevating. Healing. Balancing. Great for Generalized Anxiety, Social Anxiety, Depression, and for people in transitional periods in their life. Great strain for Fall & Winter months.

Physical: Calming and relaxing. No couch lock. Full functionality. Good sleep, easy wake.

Growers: Great job!

  • Reviewed 10/11/13


Dank Dash

Solid as a Rock

Taste: Enticing, clean and crisp herbaceous notes. Very enjoyable vap.

Mental: Calming, clear headed focus. Good for anxiety.

Physical: Relaxing, good body stone. Feel solid and heavy, like a rock. Content to just sit and be.
Will not lock you down, but, you'll find walking a bit fun. Good for pain management.
Does not seem to posses the muscle relaxation qualities (for tension), as found with Kushes.

Overall: Very enjoyable, nice qualities.

Growers: Great job!
Im loving the Greek Mythology strains (Zeus, Athena, Medusa), keep them coming!

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Thank you! Your feedback is very appreciated :)

  • Reviewed 10/10/13


Dank Dash

Good Puppy!

Taste: Diesel, and a taste similar to the smell of the static from on old dusty CRT TV screen.

Mental: Chill, cheerful, uplifted, content, playful, focused.

Physical: I feel like Im smiling, but I am not. Lids a bit droopy, shoulders and jaw slightly tense. HEAVY Couchlock. Perfect for rainy Sunday afternoons watching movies while crashed out on the couch.

Growers: Good Job!

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  • Reviewed 10/8/13

Kandy Kush

Dank Dash

Chewy Center

Taste: Chewy Green Goodness. Savory, like a great cup of Sencha tea.

Mental: Centering, noise reducer, frequency modulation, focusing, mild uplift.
Great nighttime "Anxiety-B-Gone".
(Similar to Zeus strain. Zeus is more centering though).

Physical: Good tension release.

Growers: Good Job!

  • Reviewed 10/4/13

Green Lantern

Dank Dash

Sturdy Sativa

Mental -
Fog cutter, clarity.

Physical -
Decent amp, good motivator.
Hits temporal lobe.
Shoulders a bit tense and starting to clench jaw.
Might be too much for some anxiety sufferers, so, easy does it.

Update: Effects were more rough, due to lack of good sleep.
Well rested however, the effects were great. Good balanced energy, no tension, clear focus, functional, and super long and gentle come down. Very nice and enjoyable Sativa. Keeping this strain on my shopping list.

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Dank Dash

Godsend for Anxiety (GAD)

Fantastic strain! One of my favorites.
Great daytime "Anxiety-B-Gone" ( Generalized Anxiety Disorder; GAD)
Pairs perfectly with Zeus (indica, PM), Athena (Sativa, AM)

White Widow (Brazil-Sativa x India-Indica) x Empress Kush (Chemdawg x Emperor Kush)

>Digging a lil bit deeper on Emperor Kush
Emperor Kush (Candy Kush x OG Kush)
Candy Kush (Blue Dream x OG Kush)
** Candy with a "C" not a "K"
Kandy Kush (OG Kush x Train Wreck)

Scent/Taste: Cool menthol mint and camphor notes, on top of floral mango, with accents of citronella and geranium.

Possible Terpenes/Terpenoids:
Borneol - Calming sedative
Cineole/Eucalyptol - Centering and balancing
Linolool - Anti-anxiety
Myrcene - Anti-depressant, muscle relaxant
Terpinol - Relaxant

Mental -
Clear, focusing, and calming. Thaws mental freeze, provides focusing, and will help restart functionality. Vanishes irritability, edginess, and mental shackles.

Physical -
Great Release from muscle tension head to toe, while remaining fully active. Increases appetite, but not to a ravenous state. Eyes remain fairly normal, minimal dry & droop. Comedown is smooth, even and relaxed.

Other strains you might like:

> Zeus - Indica equivalent of Athena
> OG Kush
> Blue Dream
> Chem Dawg

Growers, fantastic job, please start and keep this strain in constant circulation!

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  • Reviewed 5/29/13

LA Confidential

Dank Dash

Tasty Relief

Taste/Smell: Im loving the mint-like quality. Tasty.
Wondering if this was bred with another strain, that has a citrus-like taste quality, if the children would taste/smell like a mojito?

Mental: Calming and clear. Slow wind down. Good hour plus window of time before sedation really starts to set in. Deep sleep. Wake up slightly slower with minimal fogginess.

Physical: Good for inflammation, muscle relaxation, and pain.

Grower(s): Good Job!

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  • Reviewed 5/28/13

Acapulco Gold

Dank Dash

Beautiful Sativa

Mentally - uplifting and clear headed. Blue sky and sunshine, without a cloudy euphoric haze.
Physically - great joint and muscle release, without lethargy.

Smooth, and well balanced.
No extreme amp, nor extreme crash.

To the grower(s) - thank you, Good Job! Keep AG in quick rotation, if not a steady stream.

This is the Sativa for me!

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Airfield Supply Company
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Dank Dash
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