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  • Reviewed 8/18/15

Green Hornet,(I)Fruit Gummies

Dandy Candy!

I'm not usually big on edibles, however having taken a couple trips to areas where MMJ is illegal, I've had to get creative with how I medicate :)

Tried other candies and this one actually works! Works very very well!

First time I took it was in Chicago.. after 15 mins, BOOM, it felt like the first time I ever smoked a joint back when I was 15.. I felt silly & like everything was hilarious... hot damn was it fun!

Since then, I've purchased several packs of these awesome gummies to accompany me when I can't vape or smoke and they are MUY BUENO!

I can't say enough good about these gummies. If they ever need a spokeswoman to get the word out, I'm your gal Cheeba.. I'm your gal!

  • Reviewed 1/24/14

Maui H2O

Harsh Hash

I kept wondering why my lungs hurt so bad and I finally concluded that it was this hash.
It made me cough SO bad, like nothing I have ever had before..and I had to just toss it. Not sure that they used to extract but it must have been gasoline. It was awful! More like keef than hash.. and very very harsh!

Hello Tanisha my name is Patrick (Dispensary Manager). We do apologize for your displeasure with the Maui H2O we would like to make sure you are pleased with your purchase at all times. Please come into the dispensary or give us a call and we will deliver a complimentary gift for your inconvience.

  • Reviewed 4/6/13

GoldMist 1x


Well they say it's fast acting, and that's true..within a moment of spraying it into your mouth, there's this overall tingly feeling.
And then it kind of goes away...and that's that.
After reading the description online, I saw it was for BENEATH the tongue. So, I tried it that way and it pretty much just made my tongue burn and nothing else happened.

  • Reviewed 10/1/12

All Star Romulan

Hit or Miss

So, the first time I selected this strain, I loved it.. big, fluffy delicious buds with lots of crystals.. probably the prettiest bud I've had all summer & very potent. My eighth lasted me almost a whole week (which, for fantastic!)

Then, I did what I rarely do and ordered it again within a 2 week span... but this time the buds were tiny and it seemed like they were the bottom of the barrel selected buds or a totally different vendor's take on Romulan.

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Strawberry Cough


Very tasty.. would highly recommend for anyone who has anxiety and is iffy about sativas. Strawberry cough delivered a smooth and relaxing high. Fluffy, crunchy type buds with lots of orange hairs and a smell and flavor I can't even describe. Definitely one of my favorite hybrids.

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Purple Kush

Seeds seeds and more seeds

I haven't seen seeds in AGES..especially since having my prescription. This purple kush has tons and tons of seeds. SO gross.. and for $50/eighth.. I'm SO pissed! If it was one of the cheaper strains, I could say shame on me. But, no.. shame on BPG for even selling this crap.
Do yourself a favor and pass on this one. Wish I had been warned.

Thanks for pointing that out, WOW, we apologize for the mistake. We have pulled that medicine from our menu. We care deeply about the quality of our medicine and will replace this product to ensure your satisfaction. Thank you again for your support and feedback.

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