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  • Reviewed 8/9/16

Blueberry headband

Kinfolk Dispensary


It smells like heaven. If u have no appetite for sex, this will get you there if you can't talk to people this will get you there..totally calm and happy times.. this is the best flower I have had since I've been sick. It tops everything. .

  • Reviewed 4/8/16

Dispensary Review:

Kinfolk Dispensary

Some kinda wonderful

So imformative, and down to earth. They make you feel comfortable. For a small establishment it is so much more personal which made the experience that more better. Only problem was the steps. I can't do it, it was so painful getting up those steps, but for anyone that has no problem with many steps you will be good to go.

Space Queen

Kinfolk Dispensary


It was easy to fix up, the smell was good and not too strong, but it didn't give me that up beat mood that I was expecting. I still felt low and down, but my anxiety was still higher than the clouds. I won't be getting that again.

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