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  • Reviewed 2/4/20

Jack of all Trades

Jack Herer is a classic strain for me that give me a nice calm energy and euphoria. The last batches smelled really good and terpy. Started off my day with a smile and feeling myself after a bowl. Continues to be a consistent staple wherever you go.

  • Reviewed 2/3/20

Not your Grandmas Apple Pie

This apple pie was really enjoyable! Its more potent and tastier than last batch and has more energy to it. I still love the great up beat, social focus that it promotes. Definitely a great daytime strain for getting stuff done and being productive.

  • Reviewed 1/24/20

Pineapple (Shake SALE)


Put me on an Island

The look, the smell, the taste, DELICIOUS! Pineapple is one of those strains that I grind some up and leave the grinder open on the kitchen table to make the room smell nice, ITS THAT GOOD! Pretty happy strain with a nice relaxing body high. Puts me on an island vacation every time.

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Chocolates From Heaven

Delicious! Sweet! With a light weed taste that I cant get enough of! You can definitely tell these are quality chocolates the minute they touch your tongue. 10mg per square so the perfect small dose for me during the day to keep me cool calm and collected during the day. When I upped the dose and had 2 chocolates I could start to feel it more in my body. I cant wait to try to make some goji berry smores!

  • Reviewed 1/17/20

All day, Every day

Honey Banana was a really nice strain that I finally was able to try. Was a smooth smoke and had a really relaxed but interactive euphoria. I could use this strain anytime of day to help with stress and still be really well balanced. Im going to have to get more to fill the spots in my stash.

  • Reviewed 11/24/19

Awesome Exclusive!

I've had purple reign on and off over the past couple months and by golly this batch is great. Very sweet smell and smooth flavor. I found it was a little heavier on the body than before. This strain was AWESOME for getting lost in the music and having a blast at concerts. Get some from Takoma Wellness, the only place good enough for this strain!

  • Reviewed 11/14/19

Oil Cartridge: Grandaddy Purp (GDP)



I've been using this cart primarily before bed to try to help with my insomnia and boy has it. Just a puff or 2 and about 15 minutes later, im dreaming about granddaddy purple himself! All jokes aside, this strain has seriously been helpful with my sleep and being able to settle restlessness before bed. Check it out for yourself.

  • Reviewed 11/10/19

Lemon Crush the Day!

Lemon Crush is one of those strains sativa strains that gets you energized and happy but is also surprisingly calming both in the mind and the body. Awesome for social anxiety and depression! This strain has a great taste on exhale and is a really smooth, enjoyable smoke. I'll definitely be getting more to brighten up these winter days!

  • Reviewed 10/22/19

Durban Poison (SALE)

Git 'er done

I havent had Durban Poison in a good long while but this batch really did me right. Good energy and awesome motivation to get up and get stuff done. Ive been smoking Durban mostly in the morning to get myself locked in and focused for the day head. This is definitely a great choice for being more productive!

  • Reviewed 9/26/19


The first thing I said when I tried the Panama Red cartridge, "Wow... wow... OH WOW!"
Im at a loss of words for how awesome this cartridge is. The energy, the euphoria, the motivation, everything about my experience was phenomenal. I need to stock up, its just that good!
Do it, just do it!

  • Reviewed 9/25/19

Cherry Chem #7 (SALE)

Favorite Indica?

I definitely more of a sativa fan, most indicas either put me to sleep or make me antisocial. However the Cherry Chem was pleasantly different. Is very uplifting and happy while leaving me cool calm and relaxed. Its also gave me a creative euphoric perpective that was great in helping with social anxiety and simply enjoying myself no matter the situation. LOVE LOVE LOVE Cherry Chem!

  • Reviewed 9/22/19

A kush for the sativa lover

Silver Kush has been a great strain for starting off my day! Its gives a boost in energy and focus to go out and get stuff done. If sativas are normally too intense for you, give this one a try. It helps relieve my regular anxiety and still leaves me cool, calm, and collected when Im out and about.

  • Reviewed 7/28/19

Loudmouth on Deck!

After coming to TWC, Loudmouth quickly became one of my favorite hybrids to date! Sour Diesel and Gorilla Glue combine to create a perfect balance between indica and hybrid, making this strain good for pretty much any time of day. Loudmouth has great uplifting, yet relaxing effects, and a potent euphoria to take your stress away. If I had to choose just one strain to have for all day long, this would definitely be it!

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Let the Bread free you of Dread

A great strain for stress relief. Dread Bread had me in a state near bliss, it lifted my spirits and nothing could possibly bother me. Very functional and calming. Awesome to have after a stressful day!

  • Reviewed 7/21/19

Mountain Temple

Paradise on the Mountain

Mountain Temple is back!!! This is my all time favorite sativa, hands down. Mountain Temple has the same amazing energy and focus as green crack while being very uplifting, happy, and social. It is pretty heady and euphoric and has a slight body buzz. This strain helps motivate me to get on my feet, have meaningful conversations, and also helps ease away any negative or racing thoughts and emotions. Its has a funky floral citrus smell and tastes great on the exhale. Its incredible potency satisfies even my high tolerance. I would love for this to become a regular strain from District Cannabis, it is PERFECT for me!

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  • Reviewed 6/22/19

Zurple Punch - Out of this World!

Zurple Punch was great! It had a mouthwatering, sweet berry taste that I just couldn't get enough of. Surprisingly uplifting even though its really more of an indica. Put me in a great relaxed state, nothing could bother me!

  • Reviewed 6/2/19

Dispensary Review:

Takoma Wellness Center

The Best Dispensary to call Home <3

I started coming to TWC as a patient back in December and ever since then I have been proud to call it my go-to dispensary, my home. With an incredible selection, awesome sales, and the nicest, friendliest staff I have ever seen in a dispensary, theres nowhere else id rather go. And Ive been to a lot dispensaries across both Maryland and DC. Trust me, the people at Takoma Wellness Center will take care of you and make you feel right at home.

  • Reviewed 5/31/19

Deep Line Alchemy #7 (SALE)

Indica Powerhouse!

Wow this indica packs a punch! I smoked Deep Line Alchemy right after a long stressful day and it was a one way ticket to heaven. DLA had a very strong, physical, stoney relaxation that melted away my pain and could have whisked me to sleep if I wasn't prepared. It was great for reducing stress and anxiety as well. The effects creeped up on me strong and then lasted a good long time as I relaxed in the sofa. I'm definitely coming back to DLA for more!

  • Reviewed 5/27/19

CFX Vaporizer

The Impressive Vaporizer

The CFX Vaporizer is really impressive! It has a bright HD display and very easy configuration to use, durable hard plastic interior, and a good sized ceramic heating chamber. The CFX can hold slightly more than a half gram of flower, more than enough for a personal session or on the go. It can heat up to its max temperature 430 degrees in around 20 seconds! Even after having a 15 min session, the case was only warm to the touch. This thing produces a great flavorful vapor all the way to the last pull and vaporizes your flower evenly so there is no need to mix your flower in the middle of your session. Emptying and cleaning the CFX is a breeze. And finally the battery life on the CFX is awesome! I was able to smoke multiple sessions over 2 different days without the need to stop and recharge. I can definitely take this somewhere and not have to worry about it dying on me. All in all the CFX is a pretty impressive vaporizer, especially considering its a lot cheaper than the rest of the competition. I definitely recommend this vaporizer, whether you're a novice or a pro, its easy to get great results.

  • Reviewed 5/22/19

Dreamsicle Skunk

Great CBD Relief

I decided to give Dreamsicle Skunk a try this week and I'm sure glad I did. This strain first caught my attention with how tremendously sticky it is. It has a really nice sweet/floral smell and tastes just as pleasant. Extremely functional strain that kept me clear headed. Great uplifting mental effects helped make stress and anxiety nonexistent. It also has great pain relief qualities to boot. All in all, a great medicinal strain!

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  • Reviewed 5/19/19

Perfect Storm

Super Gorilla Glue

One of my favorite Gorilla Glue strains so far (GG4 x GG4). This a great strain for the down time you DESERVE! Perfect Storm left me relaxed with a euphoric, relaxed, positive mood, and after I settled down for sleep, it helped with my insomnia a lot.

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  • Reviewed 4/24/19

New Cart on the Block

I am impressed by Abatin's new Tzoof! line of cartridges. I had the pleasure of trying the Hawaiian Sunrise and it put me in the perfect place. Its combination of THC to CBD left me both calm and relaxed but focused and took my stress and anxiety away. Extremely functional and great for anytime of the day. Would definitely recommend giving it a try if you are looking for something that won't be too overwhelming or intense but still want something enjoyable.

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  • Reviewed 3/9/19

Wake up and smell the green!

A great, level-headed, energetic sativa! I had it early in the morning to start my day and it jolted me awake like a cup of coffee and started my day off on the right foot. Great energy and focus, not very racey or overpowering mentally. I was perfect going into work, getting a lot done, and staying on point.

  • Reviewed 2/11/19

Bubble Gum (Shake) (SALE)

Perfect Daytime Indica

Finally an indica perfect for the middle of the day! Quickly relaxes the mind and body without making you sleepy. It also created a pleasant mood and focus that I wasn't quite expecting from an indica but that makes it great for daytime use!

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  • Reviewed 2/8/19

Shatter: Alien Tarantula

Home run!

A heavy hitter, this Alien Tarantula was very potent right off the bat! This indica dominant hybrid quickly relaxes the body while producing strong, long lasting cerebral effects. Great to unwind with in the evening. Have some snacks on hand for the munchies!

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