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  • Reviewed 7/31/17

Dispensary Review:

Bloom Room

Worth Coming Out of Town For

Well, I grew up in San Francisco but no longer live there. I'm in Marin where there's an archaic attitude about having dispensaries. I've been to Bloom Room and I like that it's a collective; the personnel are very friendly and knowledgeable; and the menu is good. Did I mention the vaping area...very cool. I will definitely return.

Now My New Favorite!

I was looking for something high in THC to energize me and also keep me clear headed. I have osteo arthritis in my hips/knees and need something to help me get out there and exercise in the morning. I loved Strawberry Cough! It's how it's described on the menu - very uplifting, energized, communicative. It's my new favorite for sure!

The Strawberry Cough is an old staff favorite as well! I'm glad it helped you with your exercising. Thank you for the great review.