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  • Reviewed 3/11/14

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Airfield Supply Company

Great people, beautiful environment, excellent MENU

I've got nothing but the best things to say about this place. We are lucky to have medical providers like SBHC serving CA patients. Every time I visit their staff is warm and welcoming, their menu is diverse and high (no pun intended) quality and the environment is calming and bright. Great job gang! Please keep it up


OG Kush Wax

AWESOME! OG Kush Wax from SBHC

Very sweet, lemony, piney nose and clearly no solvent upon inhalation. Very mild onset of medicinal effect reaching full strength by about 2 minutes. Worked wonders for the arthritis inflammation I suffer with in both knees from years of athletic injuries (and 4 ACL reconstructions). Super easy to handle and dab. I'll be looking for more on my next visit to SBHC. I'm not sure why, but my wax purchase looks different than the picture shown on the SG menu of SBHC. I know the sample I picked up from SBHC was the 85.8% THC because I remember being impressed by the potency so the pic I've uploaded is what I brought home and have been enjoying. Clearly the 85.8% THC OGK Wax is a beautiful honeycomb masterpiece. Thank you SBHC for this wonderful addition to your medicinal menu.

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