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  • Reviewed 10/30/16

Dispensary Review:

Berkeley Patients Group

Very Pleased with Berkeley Patients Group

I did my first order with BPG and was very impressed with the service from confirming the order delivery time to the delivery itself. The product selection was awesome and I found a few items I have not found at other dispensaries (the Swizzle Sticks, in particular!). The prices were in line with the rest of the smaller dispensaries and actually beat many of the prices at one of the larger, better-known Oakland area collectives. Oh, and they will make sure to give you any discounts that you may be entitled to (first time, ordering at least 24 hours in advance, coupon specials).

I will definitely use BPG again.


5+ for the Flowers, -1 for the Roll Itself

The flowers are awesome, but these seem to be rolled a bit too tight and the filter didn't help. I had to get rid of the filter in order to keep them lit long enough to smoke it.

I will definitely buy the flowers, but not impressed with this pre-roll at all.

  • Reviewed 10/24/16

Sapphire Scout

Lakeside Remedy

Nice Strain

I bought a quarter ounce of the Sapphire Scout, and it was an excellent choice. It is a very smooth smoke with a nice, but not overwhelming high and immediate pain relief for my ulnar neuropathy.

I would describe the initial hit as "well, this is nice", to a sudden head rush, and then it mellows down into a calm, but not floating feeling, which lasts for quite some time.

Highly recommend this strain.

  • Reviewed 10/22/16

Great, overlooked Sativa

The dispensary had a special, so I decided to try the Hawaiian Lilikoi, and it was a GREAT decision.

After the initial hit, I got a head rush and definitely a burst of energy and euphoria, but no evidence of couch-lock. I did find it a little speedy at first, then the sensational settled into a nice calm, chill sense of happiness and well-being. The effects were long-lasting, but a calm "coming down" as compared to a crash. Yet, my nap was very restful later.

This is a nice sativa with a classic feel to it, which may be overlooked, which is a shame, because it is a nice strain that will not break your wallet.

  • Reviewed 10/14/16

Dispensary Review:

Lakeside Remedy

Wow! Incredible Service & Incredible Product!

I placed my first order on Wednesday night for Thursday delivery. The person on the phone was very pleasant, made sure that I was already verified, then took my order and set up delivery for 12:30-1.

Alex, the delivery driver, is awesome! Very chill and very professional all at once..a winning combination. He asked me if I had any questions, gave me my "first time customer" gifts, and again thanked me for the order.

I think that you will be pleased with their product menu; they have some kick-ass flowers, concentrates and edibles.

Lakeside Remedy

This is definitely an "Incredible Edible"

Some people may shirk from the price of this item, but trust me, it is WELL WORTH IT!

I ordered the sativa Cookies and Cream. The bar is divided into 12 doses. Each dose is 105 mg THC. Yes, I did one full dose.

With the sativa (which seems to be an excellent strain, BTW..I would love to know which one), the initial effect was calm and cerebral, turning into an almost euphoria, and then back to a floaty chill. One thing I noticed is that it made me very body-aware as far as where my pain triggers and things out of alignment. This was a great time to stretch, do some yoga and massage some areas.
Initially, I was too high to go to sleep, but that did not last that long and that was actually the most relaxing sleep I have had for awhile.

One other positive about this edible is actually tastes like Cookies and Cream, without any aftertaste whatsoever.

I highly recommend!

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