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  • Reviewed 9/1/17

OG Kush Live Resin Sauce

Live Resin OG Kush

This concentrate is high in potency just the Smell as soon when it's opened an when you inhale the taste it's sets a deep favorable lasting taste .This is over 55% In THC , with very low in CBD . Yes she's an old school 90's classic , but if your looking for something high in Tolerance in concentrate YES!! You have found it !!

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  • Reviewed 8/16/17

Lion Balm

Review Effect Balm

LOVE THIS!!! Can say this is an excellent lotion for any pain , soreness and or bruise fast relaxing relief pain in minutes it has a smooth thick texture as beeswax with the ingredients of beewaxs ,cocoa butter , shea butter, olive oil , jojoba oil and more , my personal used I used at night and it last up to 12hrs An as long of pain involved soreness of sports , cramps , cuts , etc.

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  • Reviewed 7/27/17

Forbidden Fruit...From C.R.A.F.T


C.R.A.F.T SunGrown Forbidden Fruit

You Can Smell her Fruity Smell already threw the bag.. You Can See Her
Dark Black Beautiful color as Dark Grape Purpleb but these hairs are SO PRETTY !! .. A Mixture of A Smell Of Blends Mango, Orange Strawberry Ans even more ... imagine etc if your looking for a SunGrown Fruity FemAle Flower u Found Her THC over 22.%+

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  • Reviewed 5/12/17


Purchased: $15 Gram

Flower Type

C.R.A.F.T. MENDO BREATH Just looking threw her inside the clear wrapper u can see her pretty white crystal frost and lite green blend tropical colors , an as soon U open her up "To Me"the smell of her is a sweet breeze of vanilla of the effect of pretty lite green sea "just the smell " but also has a sweet Carmel taste, this is one that will have u a good night sleep!!