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  • Reviewed 3/15/15

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The Apothecarium - Castro

It just gets better and better

I've been very pleased with the improved selection of edibles and vaping options, as I've stopped smoking. The staff is altogether brilliant. They're helpful, patient and really want to get me the best products for my symptoms. This is medicine for me and I respect they're professionalism. Easy access via the subway, too.

Highlighter Cartridge - Sativa


This is an excellent cartridge filled with an excellent product

This cartridge dispenses very cleanly. I use it with an e-Go C base. The oil is very clean, I can easily see how much gets used with each use. It' san smooth vapor, not too harsh a draw. It only takes two puffs and it kicks in. The effect is very relaxed but still coherent, I use it at night when I watch TV. My back pain is chronic, so I use this every night after dinner. I sleep quite well, the effect wears off right around bedtime as I doze off.

  • Reviewed 2/17/14

Blackberry Kush

Immediate pain relief-with caveats

I suffer from nearly continuous pain in my right hip and left shoulder, making sleep very difficult (no matter what position I lie in, there's pain) and physical therapy exercises nearly impossible. I have tried heat and cold, flexeril and enough ibuprofen to make my liver explode with little or no success.

Last night I took two big lungfuls (a nug the size of the nail on my pinkie) of Blackberry Kush a bit before bedtime and within minutes the pain was GONE. I could arch my back, stretch my sore muscles and actually get into bed without any pain. There is no better feeling in the world when you suffer from chronic pain.

This morning, I woke up and no searing pain in my back, shoulder or neck. First time in MONTHS. I can still feel a pinch now and then, but so much more manageable.

Downsides are pretty simple: you will become a doorstop. Do not use this during the day. Waking up took a lot longer than usual, I hit the snooze button a few too many times but the fog lifted eventually.

If someone could extract whatever the hell kind of magic pain relieving goodness is inside this strain (without the psychoactive elements), I would give it to my Mom (who is 84 and would never smoke or knowingly take marijuana). She suffers from chronic back pain so bad she can't sleep through the night.

It is a miracle cure and a raging endorsement for the benefits of medical marijuana.

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The Apothecarium - Castro
2029 Market St. San Francisco,