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  • Reviewed 1/20/13

Platinum Chem

A Special Treat

If you like Chem, this is the one for you. I don't usually comment on meds that I really like, after all, I don't want it to sell out. This is a very special case. I'm leaving the country for an extended trip and wanted to get something nice to remember California by. This grass is just about perfect. A spotless flush, cure and moisture level, nice bag appeal and trim, dense buds and a very earthy chem taste. This special cut along with a cure that reminds you of the old days make it a winner.

  • Reviewed 10/3/12

Cannabinoid test results on menu are not updated

As you can see from the two package insets
the 07xxxxx (July) and 08xxxx (August) batches yielded different results.
Dosing is as easy as doing the math.

An edible or topical, not for smoking!

All I could ask for is the option of a higher CBD version, and a lower price.
Flower sales should subsidise the cost of this medicine.

Decarboyxlized and ready to go.
A great starting point for tintures

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  • Reviewed 3/2/12

Sour Diesel


Good Economical Medicine

I was just looking for a roach end filler for my cones. I got a gram, went to the "tasting" lounge, was acceptable, went back and got an ounce. At home I pulled some buds out of the bag and did some bong hits, I was very pleased, it's not high test grass, but it tastes clean, burns clean, and is perfect for roaches, mixing with concentrates, or even to smoke alone.

  • Reviewed 1/23/12

Vietnam Black X


Smells Like Victory

The only good thing that ever came out of the U.S. being in Vietnam. I don't really know the history of this strain, but it seems to me that the genetics must go back to some seeds a GI found in his pockets after getting back to the states.

Flowers are mature and ripe, very delicate, loose and fluffy, yet very tight nodes. Smell reminds me of the old days, spicy, earthy, very fragrant. Smoking is very smooth and flavorful with a distinctive "dry" taste, that I haven't had in many years, something that's hard to describe, but dry on the pallet and cotton mouth city. Exhale is almost more perfume than spice, I described it to a friend as tasting like honey suckle.

An outstanding Cannabis Sativa, top of the line, and well worth a try, at any price.

A huge GREEN thumbs up for the grower of this!

UPDATE (a few day later)
I'm enjoying this, so much, just sad that it won't last forever. I'm upgrading this to a 5

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  • Reviewed 12/31/11

Maui Kush Bubble (I/S)


Worthy of a review

This bubble concentrate is an amazing 57.58% THC! Color is an amber when flattened out and held up to a light. This IS a full melt and is a bargain at $25, of course full melt is only half melt, and super melt is the real thing. I've been vaping it in a glass stem and ball, and it's delicous and potent. Mixed in with flowers to roll works well, so does laying flat sheets between layers of flowers in your bowl. It's one of those concentrates that you can't just put in a bowl alone. I am not sure how a product like this is made, I suspect that the kits with more bags give a better 72 micron product. I always thought "full melt" bubble hash was broken heads and stalks from the bottom bag. I sure hope there is more of this, and that the price stays where it's at. You have a good customer here, I'm going though a gram a day. :) peace

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