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  • Reviewed 8/30/17

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Great for Hipsters, not patients.

On Saturday, August 19th I enters the Lower Height Sparcs Dispensery to aquire some medication for my PTSD and Anxiety. When I approached the counter I got a very dirty look from the guy behind the counter.
I should of turned around right there but I liked Sparcs for how clean it is and easy to figure where everything is. He asked me in a very not friendly tone as if I was disturbing his peaceful morning.
Again I should of realized I wasn't wanted in there. Maybe because I'm homeless and disabled and he really would prefer sick people wouldn't come in and spoil their hipster scene.
Anyway I wanted to get a cartage that cost $30 but realized I was ten cents short. He told me no, I have to pay the taxes or leave. No offers for a more affordable price or even to spot me a dime. Confrontation sends me into a panic attack so I leave and look up the law on medical marijuana tax, finding its not going to go into effect until January 2018. So I go back and asked "what it says taxes for medical marijuana won't start until 2018? I tried to show the web pages. There's plenty of proof but instead of telling me how that worked he told me I was banned. Of course asking about this tax problem is disrespect I guess and that's the reason I was banned I'm told.
Later when I asked about the ban at the main location the manager and same guard laughed and kidded when me being unable to recognized the guard. One aspect of my attacks is I don't recognize faces of people I only met a couple of times. I guess I shouldn't assume some these clinics actually know much about the medical needs of patients. Anyway if you're not a hipster you're probably not welcome at Sparcs.