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  • Reviewed 2/4/16

Sugar In My Bowl

Brain in spaaaaaaaaaace!

I smoked a little bit of this when they had it as a pre-roll, and it snuck up on me quick. Usually it takes a few minutes for anything to hit me, but not this. I took a few hits, started flipping channels, and... I don't know where I went, but I felt so nice and cozy that I sat through most of a painfully-outdated and unfunny episode of "Seinfeld" before I realized it.

  • Reviewed 1/27/16

Berry Bomb

Goodnight, DC!

Wow, I tried this last night and about an hour later I was completely asleep, and I was out for a good 7 hours. When I woke up I felt like I had just had a really awesome nap.

I mention this because I almost NEVER fall victim to a Weed Nap. Usually if I fall asleep it's because I'm just completely exhausted anyway. So this has been the first strain I've ever tried that was actually strong enough to knock me out, and it usually takes 2 Tylenol PMs and a prescribed benzodiazepine every night to do that. So if you're like me and have had brutal insomnia all of your life, you might want to try this.

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  • Reviewed 1/23/16

CO2 Hash: Merry 'n Berry


This stuff is strong! Very very sticky, don't expect to be able to sprinkle anything on or over anything. It would be like trying to crumble a blob of butter. So just put a dab on top of a bowl (and you really only need a little, trust me) or straight, and be prepared to cough like hell. The taste is surprisingly mellow, very earthy. This seems expensive, but really a little blob lasts for a while, I got a good 2-3 weeks out of the one I bought.

  • Reviewed 12/1/15


It's so pretty!

Seriously, these are some pretty little flowers. And they're great! Really good for anxiety, also doesn't make me cough like a lunatic, which is a miracle because, as a general rule, weed makes me cough.

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Green Punch (Shake)

Punch-drunk love

I am loving the heck outta this guy here. Just makes you feel nice and chill, after about 2 hours you feel relaxed enough to finally get that one part in your neck to finally pop, or your spine to finally crack in that one spot, or your shoulders to finally just relax all the way.

This is one of those strains that is made for combining with others. My fave right now is Goji OG. Long-lasting buzz, no anxiety, I've had a horrible toothache for the last several days and this has helped a lot with the pain until my dentist can finally be bothered to see me.

  • Reviewed 11/4/15


My new best bud friend

If you like sativa afghani but it makes you a little too jittery and/or it makes you cough too much, this is your jam. Happy but not edgy, good if you need some of the uh...dank...muse. Or whatever you kids are calling it.

  • Reviewed 10/15/15

Sativa Afghani


buzz buzz buzz....

Because of all the damn medication I take, I've found that only certain strains have any effect on me. Not so for this trooper! This is like, you can just take a hit or two and you feel like you pounded 20 shots of espresso and a big bag of Twizzlers and you're going to go pet some puppies! So many puppies. And maybe you could paint a picture with the puppies! No, write a song about the puppies! Make a band to sing it! Call it So Many Puppies!

Yeah, it's like that. If weed sometimes stimulates your creativity, this will. If you need something that will keep you from sitting in your bathrobe and watching the "Law & Order:SVU" marathon, this is your jam. It will make you happy and chatty and Stoner Classic Spacey. As for myself, it is responsible for such bon mots as "was I gone a long time or did I just think a lot of stuff?" and "did I just smoke, or am I waiting to smoke?"

I will say though, I have an anxiety disorder, and if I smoke too much it sometimes exacerbates my anxiety instead of chilling me out.

  • Reviewed 9/27/15

SALE Trim: LA Chocolat


You'll be ruined forever.

So, if this is the "trim," the lower-grade shag that they sell in the dispensary, let me just warn you: you will think anything other than medicinal-grade weed sucks forever after. That joint your brother brought to Family Thanksgiving that you all split? Man, that stuff was worse than the crap you could scrape up from the ends of your best friend's mom's boyfriend joints when you were like 14.

What I'm saying is, it's one of those things that has the high capacity to make you one of those smug turds that goes around and is always comparing coffee/public transportation/beer/public nudity/bicycles or whatever to their vast knowledge of the subject based on one experience they had. (Example: "How can you even drink Starbucks? It tastes awful. If you want real coffee, you should drink it the Turkish way. I used to work at this Mediterranean restaurant and the head chef and the owner, they were all Turkish, so they made their coffee..." )

Basically, I'm saying it is pretty rad.

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