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Dispensary & Marijuana Reviews

  • Reviewed 4/3/17

Dispensary Review:

Dank Dash

Wonderful staff

I just noticed a couple of bad reviews about Dank Dash, Amsterdam Gardens formerly, and I had to write my review which is quite different. To start with I have been ordering medicines from then when they had the Amsterdam Gardens building and I am still a devoted patient to these people still to this day. I saw the reviews, "Rude people on phone and weed does not match pictures, and had to respond.
First of all, I have called and before placing my order, many times I have asked questions about different strains and even asked for their advice and
In doing so I was never rushed on or made to feel like I was a bother to the
phone staff. They are and have always been very pleasant and helpful in meeting my needs. They seem to know about each medicine and take time to explain whatever I ask about that strain. And I do ask questions quite often, yet they never once gave me the impression that I was annoying them in any way. Also after they've taken my order and given me the time that it may be delivered, they always show up within that time range. I wanna say every driver that has come are awesome. Easy to talk to and very professional, yet they talk to me as a friend. No problemsense here. Also to the review about, Weed does not match pictures. I've alwayseen thought they match pretty well. No pictures are always gonna match exactly but very close to give an idea of that medicine. Besides, if it doesn't exactly match the picture, but still has the results of what you asked for, why is that such a problem. Not all buds look alike.
In closing, I will say this place now Dank Dash is my favorite of all I've been too. I'm an older woman with several health issues, and the Staff and drivers have never let me down. So I highly recommend if you're looking for great medicines and professional staff, This is the place for you.
To all the staff at Dank Dash, Kudos! Everyone is amazing! Keep up the Great work.

  • Reviewed 12/30/16

Dispensary Review:

Dank Dash

Response to rubblefish. And my own experience.

In response to aka rubblefish....
I don't know what planet your from cause these people are awesome. They have never ripped me off. I'm 63 on the 13th of January and they have always been very helpful to me about what type is best for certain health issues happen to be bothering me the most . They are always polite and dilivery has always been when they say or earlier. Never had any problems. I don't know anyone who ever has.. You must be from a another despensery and are just giving a bad review thinking it will stop people from going here. So they may try a different despensary, maybe yours???
If you don't like this place just don't use them. No need to look stupid by talking cap about them. Just go elsewhere. There's plenty others. Besides us regulars know and stand by these people, and your little bad reviews will not have any affect on us, cause we know the truth. Who knows maybe you were rude toward them and didn't get your way. Who really knows if you really ever tried Amsterdam gardens. Maybe you are like a weed troll that just has nothing better to do? Whatever your reason, it doesn't matter to us regulars. Many of us feel the same way. THESE WORKERS AND DRIVERS ARE NOTHING BUT AWESOME!! MAYBE YOU NEED TO GO BURN ONE AND THINK ABOUT IT FOR AWHILE.. And Calm down. All I know is I was raised to the fact that, If you don't have anything good to say about something or someone, then just don't say anything at all. Good Luck in your hunt for a better despensary and "so called" , more knowledgeable and more friendly workers. It just leaves more medical weed for the ones who will continue to use this despensary and be most SATISFIED! IN FACT I'M CALLING IN TO PLACE MY ORDER WHEN THEY OPEN THIS MORNING.
You have a good day now and save Happy New Year!
Oh, and maybe you were just super high from Amsterdam gardens great medical Marijuana and forgot which despensary and workers you were really upset with. Either way, whoever reads your response will instantly think of you as, "JUST A TROLL!" Hope you find whatever it is you're looking for.

  • Reviewed 7/31/16

Dispensary Review:

San Jose Medicinal

Delivery only...

These people are awesome. When I call, I ask about different strains and which ones best for certain health issues, because I rather go green then stay hooked to different pills, for symptoms and the illness itself. They all are very friendly and helpful, but there's one girl that answers quite often and she is so good at explaining the strains and answers my questions without both. I'm 62and sometimes I may wanna know more and she's so patient with me. I need to get her name, to thank her. She is very knowledgeable about the medicine. But I have never had a problem with them. Always arriving within time frame. Never late..and always what I order. Let's give it up for a great team devoted to getting their patients their medicines, while still looking for them a place of business. I SAY 5 STARS.

  • Reviewed 12/31/15

Dispensary Review:

Dank Dash


I was actually going to the Amsterdam Gardens despensary when they were still there, and I was wowed! ! It was so very different than a couple I had been to. Didn't feel like I had to sneak inside. Such a relaxed feeling inside. The workers are so informed on each medicine and everyone is so friendly.
But now, while waiting on their new despensaries, they only have delivery. But these guys are super friendly and actually show up earlier than expected. They let you know when their near your residence aND when they arrive.
And I gotta say each time I call in they are very friendly and help me deside
what I need. They listen and help in every way. I'd give all the employees a BIG A+. ☺

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