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  • Reviewed 10/31/14

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Canna Culture Collective

South Side's Finest

This place was clean, low key, close to home, and best yet high quality meds with great knowledgeable staff. I can tell these guys are willing to take the time for explaination, find the correct meds for your situation, and wheel a deal when possible. I am big on quality before quantity because I like to know what is going into my body and this place gives you a little of both by providing quality goods with a competetive price especially during their specials. Had to swoop on a T while I was there and now I am locked in for their discount on Tuesday's and Thursday's as long as I wear the shirt I would have worn anyway. Cannot get any better than that. I dig this place and can now say that I found the spot. Never change and I am locked in.

P.S. See you next week.

Well friend we're glad to have raised the standard and make your experience an enjoyable one.

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Canna Culture Collective
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