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  • Reviewed 6/29/15

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Kinfolk Dispensary

Awesome Atmosphere

The staff is amazing - genuine, chill and knowledgeable. The location is clean, discreet and secure. Of course, it would be great if they had an endless supply of the (amazing) cannabis they carry...but the dispensary doesn't control the supply. I guess the growers just can't keep up with the demand since Initiative 71.


Light of Jah

Kinfolk Dispensary

My Number One Bud

I'm a patient for my anxiety and ADHD primarily - and this is my favorite strain at Metropolitan Wellness. After smoking I feel focused but not anxious. If I smoke it after a long work day, I still have the energy to do my daily chores. I like the fact that Light of Jah will not have you stuck on the couch! Although it's a sativa, it's mellow enough to help melt away the stressful work day. It may not be the prettiest bud - but there's a lot going on here.

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Kinfolk Dispensary
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