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  • Reviewed 1/1/16



Perfect Terpenes!

GRE Black Cherry Soda is a favorite of mine. The terpenes smell very strong & sweet and make me feel very mellow and relaxed. Its a great concentrate for me when I am stressing before work and just need to chill. Also helps me with nausea and headaches.
SC Labs tested this concentrate with only 46 ppm of residual solvents which is very clean for this type of concentrate.
I really believe that GRE makes the best shatters. Thanks for providing them, CRAFT

  • Reviewed 6/23/15

CBD Full Plant Extract

CBD Bliss

This is a decarboxylated oil so it is edible and very effective. It's made from CBD OG and extracted with Grape Alcohol and the CBD Paradigm oil has many benefits. I like to put a small amount in a glycerin capsule every morning and night to calm my nerves and help with anxiety.
This extremely helps me with the side affects associated with PTSD, especially anxiety, and allows for calm thinking and a peace of mind.

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Grape Cherry Soda

Tasty Terpenes!

If you like flavorful shatters, the G.R.E. Grape Soda is a must-try! Reminiscent of the stellar CRAFT Silverback Grape Ape, this shatter is as sweet as a grape candy. The effects are very relaxing, balanced, and surprising calm for a potent shatter. It helps me sleep when its time for bed but relaxes and softly motivates me when I get home from work.
If your looking for terpenes, I highly recommend the Grape Soda!

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  • Reviewed 1/24/15

Co2 Cartridges 500mg

Great for On the Go

Great flavor, quality and very smooth. Absolute Extracts cartridges are very easy to use and are great on the go because they are so discreet. Helps a lot with treating symptoms during long classes such as back pain and headaches.

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  • Reviewed 1/20/15


The Original

This Original Headband is different than most headbands I see around. It has a smell reminiscent of a strong OG Kush and the effects are very balanced like an OG. Original Headband is a powerful strain and in smaller doses seems to be more energizing, but in large doses has more of an indica feeling and can be slightly sedating. I was skeptical buying headband because I have had really bad experiences with other headbands in the past (and strong strong sativas like it), but this Headband is very different. Rather than a head rush it gives more of a balanced, nice body effect. OG Kush fans like me- you'll love this one!

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Indica Veda Chews 100mg


Uplifting Relaxation

Indica Veda Chews are a great option if you sometimes find edibles to be too sedating or overpowering. These are much more similar to a flower than most edibles because they are so balanced. This does not mean they are weak, they are very strong, but provide more all-around relief than most edibles I have had. They are 70mg each, which is supposed to be multiple doses but one 70mg chew is the perfect dose for me.
It tastes and looks kind of like a cannabis-infused Tootsie Roll. For max affect, let it dissolve under your tongue before you swallow it for added sublingual effects.

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The Best Durban

CRAFT Durban is very energizing and awakening without any negative effects I have had from durban at other collectives. Having a couple of bowls of Durban in the morning is the best way to start my day. The extraordinary smell is like no other - similar aromas to pine trees and citrus zest.
I usually do not benefit much from strong sativas like Durban, but CRAFT Durban is a completely different story. This is a very helpful medicine.

  • Reviewed 12/14/14




My boyfriend and I are both crazy for purple strains, and CRAFT Silverback Grape Ape is by far our favorite. The flowers have a gorgeous, deep purple color and are covered in trichomes. The smell from them is absolutely amazing - extremely sweet, with a hint of grapes. I wish I could make my apartment smell like this cannabis! It was clearly grown with very intensive care and lots of love.
Silverback Grape Ape hits very fast, I quickly noticed it creep down my back and provide incredible pain relief. It has good anti-inflammatory effects and cures head pain as well. Although it is so strong, it is still very relaxing and a great flower for anxiety. Thank you so much! - We LOVE Silverback Grape Ape!!!!

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  • Reviewed 11/16/14



Very Strong

I ordered a half ounce of this medicine before going on a trip up north and I am so happy I did. The first time I put Tahoe Chem in my vaporizer I was surprised by the strong lemony-OG taste and by how quickly I felt the effects. For me it has been very stimulating and social, and because it is so strong I can use very small doses at a time. This is a wonderful strain if you are looking for something potent with sativa-like effects.

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  • Reviewed 11/3/14

Godfather OG


Migraine relief

I went into BPG earlier tonight with a painful migraine and needing an indica dominant strain to help alleviate the pain. I am glad I picked Godfather OG because is has been very helpful and my head feels much better now.

  • Reviewed 10/28/14

Tasty raspberry cookies!

Raspberry Cookies is one of my favorites because it is really relaxing without making me tired at all and is really helpful for doing school work. It makes me very thoughtful which definitely helped a lot with an essay I wrote recently. It also gives me a lot of relief from social anxiety because it is so calming. I definitely recommend this one!!

  • Reviewed 9/3/14



Anxiety Relief

This is one of my favorite strains to help with anxiety. It's great in the daytime and really enhanced a few hikes I've went on recently. Blueberry OG clears my head while still giving me a strong muscle-relaxant effect and uplifting feeling. The buds are very dense and covered in trichomes.
Great baby buds!
Thank you CRAFT!

  • Reviewed 7/4/14

Dispensary Review:

C.R.A.F.T. Cannabis Delivery

Effective, Organic, Affordable Medicine

When it comes to treating my symptoms, CRAFT has everything I need and usually at affordable prices (especially for being Clean Green Certified). I am never disappointed. Every single time I buy from CRAFT I am blown away by the potency and flavor of the different medicines! They are all so strong and effective. The CBD strains are my favorite as they are much stronger than I can find anywhere else and help so much with my high anxiety. I recommend for anyone who benefits from cannabidiol to try the CBD OG. Also, they use SC Labs and a more detailed potency analysis of CRAFT medicine can be found on the SC Labs website under ‘tested’.
CRAFT, thank you so much for all you do for me!

CBD OG never fails me

CBD OG is incredibly helpful with anxiety and symptoms of post-traumatic stress. It gives me a very uplifting effect while still being incredibly relaxing. One of my favorites after a long, stressful day, or after a bad panic attack. Not to mention, the buds are beautiful! They are amazingly sticky with a delicious lemon-lime smell and taste. Its great that after having several ounces of this strain, I have not seemed to develop any sort of tolerance for it like I do to many other CBD products.
Thanks again CRAFT!!!

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