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South Bay
June 6 ,1984
South Bay
I can't live without:
food, water, and weed
I'm an expert at:
growing and smoking cannabis
My fantasy hobby is:
grow peyote on an industrial scale
I go weak in the knees for:
any fruity smelling buds
My most prized possession is:
we posses nothing. its all on loan from mother earth.
Lately I've been recommending:
everybody to read more and watch less tv
I really need to cut back on:
i dont believe in limitations
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Feb 2014
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Dispensary & Marijuana Reviews

  • Reviewed 7/18/14

Veganic Kosher Kush

Veganic Kosher Kush

Out of all the kush I've ever tried, the Veganic Kosher Kush is the one that brings the most flavor to the party. The taste lingers in your mouth, loitering around like a group of stoners outside of a 7-11. This one will drop your eyes like a curtain when u blow out a big hit. Every cannoisseur should have this notch in they're belt. Another home run for Buds and Roses.

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Veganic Candy Lopez

Veganic Candy Lopez #1

Candy Lopez was an all around solid strain. The inhale has an amazing sugary fruit flavor, very smooth, reminding me of starburst candy- that mouthwatering cherry/strawberry flavor that leaves you smacking your lips. The exhale is same, but with an earthy tone and hints of caramelized sugar like the top of a creme brûlée. I particularly enjoyed the tight flower structure- the density is ideal. The effect was very cerebral and mood improving. Each bowl left me with a grin like the Cheshire Cat.

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  • Reviewed 2/14/14

Veganic Sour Tangie

Veganic Tangie

First off, the taste and smell are unbeatable if u like orange or citrus
flavored flower. Smoking Tangie is like inhaling a bowl tangerines,the tastes lingers
and is lip smacking. Tangie seems to be an energy producing buzz.
I use tangie before my morning run and it improves my stamina. I like this strain so
much i ordered seeds to grow my own suppy to have year round.
Thanks Buds and Roses for showing me whats up!

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