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  • Reviewed 7/19/10

Dispensary Review:

California Natural Collective

My Favorite!

Grateful Meds is the best! It has everything I look for in dispensary: a comfortable atmosphere, great service, and top quality medicine. If you are new to medical marijuana and you need guidance picking out medicine for specific symptoms, I highly recommend Grateful Meds. On my last visit, I think an owner helped me and he was just awesome! He listened to my needs and concerns and gave me some great advice in picking out the right strain. He is incredibly knowledgeable about marijuana and he obviously loves to share that knowledge with the patients that come in. I ended up learning a lot from my visit.

Products: about 25 strains, hash, a small edible case, clones, topicals and more

  • Reviewed 7/19/10

Dispensary Review:

Boo-Ku Collective

Really Good Experience!

I don’t usually stray too far from West LA but since I was in the area, and had heard good things about Boo-Ku, I decided to stop by and check them out. I was running late and arrived just as they were getting ready to close. The two guys working were so nice and welcoming. They let my friend and I in and encouraged us to take our time, even offering to bring some strains out that they had already put in the back room. I really appreciated the good service, it can be hard to find! I can’t really comment on what products they carry since most of their stock was already locked up for the night but they did show me some good quality buds and I was very satisfied with my purchases. I loved the laid back, friendly and informative vibe at Boo-Ku. I wish I lived a little closer so I could visit them more often.

  • Reviewed 7/19/10

Dispensary Review:

The Farmacy West Hollywood

I'll be going back!

The Farmacy's location is awesome and I love the atmosphere. It reminds me of a surf shop or coffee shop, definitely a more commercial feel than most places. The service is also similar to what you would get in a coffee shop. The employees are nice and are there to get you what you ask for and check you out. They don’t really want to take a lot of time with you, which is totally fine if you already know what you want or what works for your symptoms. They have a great selection of edibles, hash, some interesting teas and tinctures, and a descent selection of flowers. They also carry a small selection of hemp clothing and purses along with some random items like dried goji berries. They reimburse you for the small fee that you pay for parking in the lot behind the building. Easy parking is a big plus in this neighborhood! The downside to the convenient location is high prices ,so don’t go here looking for a deal. The quality of their flowers is good: not amazing, as the prices would make you think but worth going back for.


That Time O The Month



This tincture is super strong and effective. I would recommend it to people who like edibles and can handle an intense high. For the first hour after I took a single dose I felt that my mood was lifted and my cramps were significantly better with only a mild high. I’m a bit of a lightweight so this was perfect for me. Unfortunately, things changed drastically after the first hour. The high became very intense and came in waves for the next three hours. I couldn’t get up off the couch much less speak. Like I said, I’m a lightweight so this wasn’t the perfect PMS medicine for me but I think it could be for someone who likes a strong edible.

I should also point out that the taste of the tincture is pretty horrible. It has a strong taste of cannabis, which was pleasant, but the after taste is extremely bitter and when you add the taste of 190 proof alcohol to that, it’s pretty disgusting. Just try to swallow it with as little contact with the tongue as possible!

Ingredients: Don Quai, Comfrey, Licorice, Apricot, Cacao, Cannabis Flowers, 190 Proof Organic Grape Alcohol
$25 for 3 doses

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