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  • Reviewed 12/30/12

Maui Honey Bud

Overjoyed these exist

BPG does it again: what a beautiful medicine!

Wonderful little Maui buds enveloped in a concentrate that together, has the consistency of hard caramel, and tastes even better!

Sold in a proper glass container, the Maui Honey Buds first greet you with an almost edible (but don't!) look. Delectable bouquet with hints of honey (yes!), and roasted sunflower seeds.

Taste is superior. Usually I don't expect as much from a concentrate, these are downright yummy with a taste that follows the bouquet while imparting a light caramel tail. I would love to try this with some desserts as far as food pairing goes.

Effect is mostly heady while mild relaxation of muscle pain did occur for me. This is a good way to front-load when you need an uplift NOW.

I enjoy it also with BPG's All Star Romulan for a complete spectrum effect.

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All Star Romulan

BPG does these BEST

Flowers arrived in IMMACULATE condition, complete with a frosty covering over perfectly intact trichomes. Bouquet is sweet and right between perfectly fresh and perfectly cured.

First taste (vaped) is delicious with hints of apple and nut overtones.

Effect: heady right from the start. Feeling branches down into the spine and outward in a caressing wave of comfort that is enjoyable and pretty much erases my lower back pain. No loss of awareness level, however, you will feel elated and enthused. Lasts a few hours. The mind meld is a plus. :)

This Vulcan gives these Romulans a LIVE LONG and PROSPER sign.

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