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weed, music and coffee
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JillyBean - the BEST!
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Dispensary & Marijuana Reviews

  • Reviewed 1/13/18

Green Kandy Jack



Wow - I've smoked a lot of weed and this was described as containing Green Goddess. There is no way it has Green Goddess, it has Green Crack probably. But, this weed did nothing at all both times I smoked it .... relaxed was the ONLY effect and no other effect. It was almost like smoking a simple Grand Daddy Purple or some Indica. I then tried it again the next day and it was exactly the same. I fell SOUND ASLEEP at 2PM with a blanket (and this is JACK!, go figure) .... I'm guessing this is "special" or it's made to be "special", but for me - it was the biggest disappointment.

I know Green Goddess (best weed ever) and this did not have ANY similarity or color or effects as Green Goddess, and it didn't have any up effects like Jack. I actually gave the rest of it away to a friend.

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  • Reviewed 9/4/17

Dispensary Review:



Wow, holy mother of God ---- their prices are insane! $65 a gram - what is it? Made of gold? I can get 100% organic weed for cheaper than that price.

Who goes to this dispensary and pays these prices? I'm laughing!!!!!!!

  • Reviewed 8/31/17


Didn't like it

TO me - it made me feel heavy, stoned, paranoid and scared ... and not a good high at all. Me personally, I will go to something else as I felt extremely out of it and wanting to come 'down'. I think it's a heavy hitter, for real heavy stoners, and I'm pretty much a 7.5 on a stoner scale.

  • Reviewed 8/27/17

Dispensary Review:

The Apothecarium - Castro

Pinacle of Dispensory

As the title says .... This is the most professional and has the nicest staff, actually for any type of establishment. They seem to have someone who started the company that was in customer service / customer relations. You can just tell. (FYI: I started a company, built it to international and then recently sold it at 48 years old, and they seem to have the same one idea that I had ; It all starts with the customer and is all about the customer, and get every employee to buy into that).

And they show you the weed, pick the weed, weight it in front of you --- you see what you are getting and are sure what you are getting.

It's the one that all other dispensaries should strive to meet. Really like this place. If I lived closer, I'd work there. :-)

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Bought from Recommendation

This is one of my go to weeds for Chores! If you have stuff to do, like cleaning or housework, look to the Chiesel. Always look to the Chiesel - because that's what it's for.

Energetic, focused and uplifted --- I tried to buy this whenever I can, and keep it in my stash knowing that it has the word "Chores" or "Housework" on it.

Love this stuff - such a nice clean high, even better than Jack H.

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Blueberry Cookies

Love this weed for giddyness

This weed will pick you up and making you laughing like old high-school weed. I call it high school weed. I wasn't there to buy it and I just mentioned the name from the menu. The other big jolly guy who was helping another customer just got all giggly when he heard me say it, and he just had the biggest smile on his face - he said, "Oooh, I like bluuuuuueberry cookies!". He just sold me!!! So I bought some and went back, and I was laughing like I was a teenager smoking high-school weed. It was so silly and so refreshing, I loved it. Loved it. It's not a weed for functional but like if you want to party and get silly, pick up some of this. They are so cool.

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Fire OG

Go to Indica

I have two "go to" Indica's, Blackberry Kush and this one.

Gets you very relaxed, yet happy and uplifted at same time. Watch a good comedy with a cup of coffee, or surfing for hours. Nice Netflix and Chill weed if you have someone coming over --- and if it's someone you want to 'get it on' with, this weed has what Blackberry Kush doesn't have - arousal. So, good Netflix and chill with someone you want to have sex with.

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Girl Scout Cookies

Look to the Cookie

If you want euphoric and psychedelic party weed, look to the cookie. This has it. GSC / Cookie (now that it's called) is great good chill out with fun friends weed. Even with Cartridge or Flower, the effects are the same - euphoria and "loss of sensation of time" with a laugh each time. Always have some Cookie in my stash - for the right time. I can't see smoking this all the time, or daily - it just seems so weird to do so. It's so special and so specific high, it's just a party weed.

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Red Congo

Not a fan

People must be high with all their 5-start reviews. (Just kidding)

For me, I had to give it away. All it did was make me Hungry and Relaxed (couch) and also gave me a headache. I put this at the bottom of the scale of all weeds I've purchased. I got it at Apothicarium and I'm not even sure why it was so bad ... especially based on reviews here and recommendation.

I smoked it a few times, and all was the same. So, I just had to give it away and chalk it up to not buy it again. My experience with it.

  • Reviewed 8/27/17

Dispensary Review:

Airfield Supply Company

Fast service

Fast service, friendly service (most of the time), and good selection. I just wish they didn't give you a vile ---- I've had to take mold off my stems before. I'd like to see them pick the weed out of a jar, and I can get less stems and pick what I want - and ensure the weight and value. All employees at Airfield do not open the viles, or show any importance to the quality of the bud YOU JUST GOT. They won't offer to open it, look at it, or even give you a place to pour it out. I don't like getting weed already packaged like that and worry everytime until I get home and I have to deal with it. I've been here at least 20 times and 2 of the times, I've had to take mold off the stems.

But, they have good selection and you have to trust them.

I tend to go to another dispensary in the city (SF) because I can see the weed, see the selection, see the weight, and I get even friendlier service than Airfield. Not that Airfield doesn't have friendly service, they do! But the other one is like more professional, happy, helpful (ie: the best)

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Jack Herer

Good Clean High

This is a very clean sativa. It makes you high, you know you are high, and you are fine doing all your daytime tasks (cleaning, shopping, gym, whatever) without being paranoid or worried. It's a very good clean high - if you want a good clean sativa to not get you sidetracked (sex, chillin, surfing, couch) - look to Jack.

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Blackberry Kush

Great Cartridge

I've tried almost all the ABX Cartridges, and this is my goto Night Time Cartridge. It's extremely clean chill out vape, If you want to chill out at night for TV cartridge, this is what you want. Good to smoke after 8PM for me, and just wind down surfing or watching TV. I also always smoke this in airplane before a night-time flight.

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Pineapple Afghani

Worse ABX Cartridge

I've tried almost all the ABX Cartridges, and this one is probably the one I didn't like - it did nothing at all but make you extremely sleepy. I tried it multiple times - and it just zonked me out and nothing else.

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Great Cartridge

I've tried almost all the ABX Cartridges. This is one of really good ones of theirs. It does give you the most psychedelic experiences and euphoric experiences than all the other ABX Cartridges. If you want to get high to have euphoric or fun, happy, giddy or sexual experience, put in this cartridge when you can't smoke flower.

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Durban Lime

Good for Daytime High

I like this ABX Cartridge for a daytime high, when I want to get things done. It's really good for the gym, cooking/baking, cleaning, and playing darts. (lol!)

Does make you uplifted, energetic and focused.

I liked it when walking around the casinos in Vegas too - you just want to accomplish stuff and take things in. It doesn't get me distracted.

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Boring Cartridge

See my other ABX reviews for better ones, but I've bought this twice and given it away twice. It's boring.

It will make you focused yet relaxed, and uplifted. But, I don't like to be unlifted and relaxed at the same time, so I pick another cartridge to set the mood better. Meaning, you can fine tune your mood by using another ABX cartridge than this one. It's so very in the middle. Since I am not a 100% of the time stoner, I use weed to either uplift me or chill me out (medicine) - and Blue Dream ABX isn't going to do either one or the other.

I use ABX Cartridges to set the mood. :-)

Last edited by RobertInSF on 8/27/17 at 10:25 AM Pacific

Green Dragon

I really like this

I like this cartridge, but sometimes it gives me a headache. It's actually the only ABX cartridge that this gives me a headache with when riding in a car. Not sure why but I avoid it when I'm going to be in the car, either driving or passenger.

It does make me aroused, but also happy, relaxed, talkative, uplifted. My negatives are Anxious and very hungry.

I still grab this if I want a sativa cartridge for daytime things that need focus (like playing darts).

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Meh - it's OK

It's a good cartridge, pretty simple sativa high. If I want a real sativa, I will go more towards Green Dragon or even Durban Lime which seems to be a step up from this one.

I smoked this while listening to music and playing darts, and just found it to be simple - like the Blue Dream cartridge. Didn't have any punch either way (I or S) but kind of made you smiley inside in a smirk kind of way while hanging out with people.

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Best Weed Ever

As the Title says - I've smoked over 40 strains, nothing is better than this JillyBean. If you ever see it, buy it and then hopefully you'll agree with me!

It's awesome for sex / arousal, it's insane. I mean it does make you horny. And it's also great for a Sunday morning - music, weed and surfing the net.

This is my favorite of favorite weeds - I'll never pass this weed up.

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