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  • Reviewed 7/12/14

GSC Honeycomb

cookies from the moon!

Simply excellent, when you apply this to a joint it over takes the joint with that hashy cookies taste which is always a good sign. But what surprise me the most was how is taste in my vape pen! It's very flavorful & heavy I like it in a joint but just for the ultimate taste of flavor i suggest you vaporize it & you'll know exactly what I'm saying & also for the price you can't beat that!

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Triple the threat!

Man this here triple threat has become one of my favorite flavorful strains. It's a very flavorful indica that will also put you to sleep of you underestimate it! This is a great substitute when there's no purple around. My only regret is not trying this strain out earlier!

  • Reviewed 7/4/14

Shark Shock

Shark shock!

An interesting shatter for sure! This one here is very clean with an earthy taste, very nice. But don't let the Calm approach fool you this is a very danky concentrate. I mean when I applied some to my joint I instantly new there was hash in the air & it was heavy too. But in order to get your full flavor on a unique strain like this I suggest you use your vaporizer & you will get the FULL effect including flavor of this her shark shock!

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CBD OG. A very flavorful CBD strain which is not often common when dealing with CBD strains. The thing I like about this one best is the compliment that the OG really makes the strain a hitter I kid you not it was tough for me to finish a joint which is a HUGE plus because most high CBD strain will not carry that effect but this CBD OG is a must have! Not only that but when you're done with a heavy work load or exercise even, when smoking this after your body feels an instant relief relaxing that's like no other!

  • Reviewed 6/4/14

Lemon Skunk

Funky Skunky Lemon!

Lemon Skunk is simply that danky, lemon concentrate that will have you tapping out if you don't respect is power. When smoking it in the vapor pen there's a great fresh/clean lemon taste but Don't take too big of a hit or it'll be all she wrote! Lol simply because this concentrate is very potent & heavy & you feel it instantly.

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Lemon OG

Fresh Lemon Squeeze!

Lemon OG! What can I say other than great taste! I mean if you are a true OG lover then you will love the OG effect that follows up with a fresh citrus taste when exhaling. I recommend you use your vaporizer for the ultimate taste & flavor BUT don't be afraid to apply some to A nice OG skywalker joint like I did & you are in for an exotic kush ride!

  • Reviewed 5/21/14

Baby Buds

The Baby Buded Treasure!

When there is ever a financial bind or simply can't Offered your usual order do not & i repeat DO NOT hesitate to revert to the baby buds! I was skeptical at first but now i can't count nor remember how many times I've ordered CRAFTS baby buds but one things for sure I have never been disappointed when ordering these baby buds. When you compare these baby buds to others out there, there is honestly no comparison simple because CRAFTS baby buds have just as much flavor & THC kick as the big buds while others baby bids are dried out & flavorless

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Tahoe OG

OF TAHOE where'd you GO?!

This is some golden, beautiful, clean, potent flavorful crumble right here. You have got to try some on a joint, I mean of course it's excellent in the vapor pen but when adding this to your joint it's simply like the butter on the toast, like batman & robin, like peanut butter & JELLY! It's the best duo out there! But seriously it is just the perfect combination & it's a heavy stony trip when taking that OG Tahoe ride!!

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CRAFT Platinum Cookies

Fresh BAKED Cookies!!

It seems as if this here cookies is the new sought after strain. But you must be careful with what cookies you find at most other clubs because everyone has their own version of cookies but this here platinum cookies is the REAL DEAL. The beautiful flower is a tight hashy smelling bud is very frosted, looks like each flowers is coated with powdered sugar. When just touching the bud your fingers instantly became sticky. It's easy very powerful yield so strong I find myself barely able to finish a full joint without tapping out!! This is hands down the best CLEAN platinum cookies that I've have had in the whole bay area.

  • Reviewed 5/20/14

Rick Simpson Oil (THC Formula)

Dank Dash

Simpson Oil adventures!

This is the most potent oil I've used in my vapor pen. Not only that but when adding some to a joint it REALLY gives you a body relaxation. The best part about this oil is that you can even add it to your foods as well I personally love to add it to me tea!

  • Reviewed 5/20/14

Urban Duban!!

Wow man I love this Duran!! hands down this is the best TRUE Durban I've ever had. It's so clean and earthy with a pine/ citrus taste, very unique. When smoking you get this instant head high and sativa feel, you're mind begins to race! It's a very good medicine for things such as homework, paperwork, any typing activities or reading because it will really expand and intensify your imagination.

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raspberry burst!!

Immediately when trying this strain I get a taste of raspberry which I know and love so much. there's just a burst of flavor that instantly waters your mouth on top of that you get a superhead hi that you still can control and work under or complete homework assignments.