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  • Reviewed 9/14/14

Pure Cure .5mg Cartridge

Vapor Room

A little goes a long way

I don't know what's in this cartridge but I can say that the effect is very potent and well rounded. It's both uplifting and relaxing with out being too spacey. There's not much going on in the way of flavor but it's nearly scentless, making it nicely discrete for use on the go.
I've been using vape pens such as G Pen and Atmos for quite a while and I must say that the prefilled disposable cartridges, although a bit pricey and not so eco-friendly, is a far superior experience. No muss, no fuss! Highly recommended!

Those cartridges are refillable! PureCure offers a refill kit, which we provide. When your cartridge is all used up, we can walk you through refill instructions.