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  • Reviewed 9/27/14

G.R.E. Grape Soda shatter

Grapes, Spacey, vaped....

Man, this one by g.r.e. grape soda shatter works on you but not right away, on inhale its super clean, clear nug run taste. About 10 minutes after vaping you really reach a killer spacey indica drivin ride, very George Jetson. Smooth inhale, grapes clean clear on the exhale, i love it! Would definitely buy again. Mine was delivered on time by friendly driver JAY.

  • Reviewed 9/26/14

G.R.E. Lemon Haze Shatter

Lemon Fresh.....

Wow! Lemonheads unite, here it is, Lemon Haze Shatter, very clean and clear tasting, the lemon is strong with this one, very easy to work with, this batch has some give to it, you can pull off a piece without flying around everywhere, perfect for the vape pen, no test results yet but it has to be up there because the effect is a fast nice cruise that sticks around awhile. I love it while listening to Red Dragon Cartel. Clean nug run taste, will get this one again for sure. Mine was delivered by friendly driver JAY on time as usual. Thanks for everything craft!!!

  • Reviewed 9/22/14

Blueberry OG SHATTER

Blueberry Update. ..

After trying other concentrates from here and there, im loving this blueberry skunk shatter the best. Great for beginning or ending the day, smooth but strong taste and effect. The only way to go if you're using a vaporizer. The blueberry flavor really comes through with a nug-run taste, inhale/xhale both smooth and savory. You'll want to get this one over and over. Fresh baked (vaped?) Blueberry pie taste awaits you....mine was delivered on time by friendly driver Al.

G.R.E. Cherry Pie Kush

Cherry Pie Shatter. ..

Im just really loving everything ive had via craft from golden ratio extracts, top notch flavors, potency and so easy to snap off a piece and ball it up then throw it in the vape pen. The cherry flavor is nice with this one, hard to find a cherry shatter, thanks craft. Get some of this before its all gone. Mine was delivered on time by friendly driver JAY.

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Larry OG

Larry Larry Larry.....

Larry og that is this is the real stuff I've never come across the OG flavor quite this pure so far lately anyway start off to say it has a nice sweet lemony og that you would expect . on the Xhale you pick up the hashy deisely type of taste definitely top of the line. I cant believe just how fast and hard the larry hits, im very connoisseur and im putting it out less than half way through! Definitely the best og ive found this year! Tight, dense buds, heavy og scent, more than perfect! if you been looking for a great og and can't find it you need to get into this real fast before it's gone. mine was delivered on time by friendly driver JAY.

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  • Reviewed 9/18/14


black cherry funk

I love this one, black, cherry, all that, probably one of the best hybrids you can find, tight dense buds, the cherry flavor and scent really comes through on this one, this one is rumored to dissappear very soon, so order soon and if you're lucky enough, JAY will be knocking on your door with your complete correct order ON TIME....

Last edited by richiee on 9/18/14 at 9:01 AM Pacific


Blueberry OG

What's not to like here? Blueberry, og, gimme that, especially at 25% now that's some testing!! On the inhale you pick up the berries for sure, on the exhale you get the og taste and the effect follows very shortly. Tight dense buds, heavy coating of combs, you can't go wrong unless you wait too long....get some before it's gone, mine was delivered on time by LUCKY.

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silverback grape ape....

Great straight indica, tight dense buds, a must buy for purple fans, 1st time purple people apply here please, great for all day use, I would definitely buy these again, delivered on time by luke, thanks again craft.

  • Reviewed 7/15/14

Super Lemon Haze CO2

im a lemonhead

Candy, thats how you descibe this one, sweet like dessert, I tried this with the durban flowers and really, like a good movie, I won't ruin for you, also tried it with the lemon skunk flowers, another good movie. No sticky fingers with this one, the absolute best way to use, comes in a handy syringe if you will . I put 3 thin lines on the papers that im rolling with and its just magic, even burn no running, just perfect. The taste will enhance any flowers without creating weird, off beat tastes. Smooth lemony in/exhale, super reaction, I like this one day or night. As usual, delivery was spot on.

Last edited by richiee on 7/15/14 at 12:15 PM Pacific

CRAFT Headband

Headband in my mind

Headband, we all know it, we've all had it but when I opened my jar I noticed a fruity essence, I thought right away, well thats a first. So after grinding some up I noticed the fruity even stronger, more of a berry smell instead of grapey. Super hard dense flowers, spicy on the inhale with the fruity doing its thing on the exhale....wild right? So if you never had headband before then get a jar. If you have had handband before and you're a band chaser, you might go for 2 jars just to make things easier on the delivery driver, and speaking of delivery it was spot on as per usual (big raising Arizona here) so get a jar before this headband ala fruity is all gone.

  • Reviewed 7/12/14

Platinum Cookie Bubble (CG)

now this is how the cookies crumble

I broke out the glass pipe (no carb) none of my pipes have carbs, hard to find but out there. Anyways this cookie bubble is just so great, all crumbled up or granulated if you will sprinkle it in as you're rolling, ive also vaped this type of bubble and it will work. Super fast acting, long lasting, one of the best deals out there, nice cookie flavor and a gram seems to last forever. Delivery was spot on, if you're low on dough try this super deal on for size before its gone.

  • Reviewed 7/11/14

CRAFT Daywrecker Diesel

thank you for wrecking my day.

Daywrecker is so propery named, this is one of my favorite 1st of the day strain, smooth, full of flavor, like a sweet sour diesel. Perfect for lunch breaks too, medicates without controling you into couch lok,however if you seek couch lok, double up your dose, you'll get there. Delivery was spot on again.

Last edited by richiee on 7/11/14 at 9:08 AM Pacific


triple your pleasure

I love triple threat, reminds me of banana kush one minute cherries the next, delivery will be spot on, it akways is, so get some smooth as silk triple threat before its all gone, perfect wake up dose.

Last edited by richiee on 7/11/14 at 9:12 AM Pacific

Durban Crumble

Durban Crumble

My fave as of late....i love the texture, just like silly putty, very versatle, i like to roll out little snakes and just drop them in as your rolling. Great for vape too. Very flavor friendly, this stuff will amp up the taste and potency of any flower without creating weird flavors. Super strong, i mixed mine with black cherry funk flowers, gave it that nug run wax flavor, cant wait to try it with lemon or durban flowers. Delivery was spot on as usual. Try this durban crumble if its not already gone!

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GSC Honeycomb

nice smear cookies

I like this honeycomb, great to smear on papers great for the vape too. Nice cookie flavor and a really smooth reaction on in/exhale, perfect daytime use on this one and the price is very rite, what a deal. Delivery was spot on as usual, try some before its gone.

  • Reviewed 5/19/14

Cannaloupe OG

Cannaloupe OG?!

yes, cannaloupe and well done i might add, just like the subtle but sweetness of the actual fruit dead-on! on inhale i also pick up a really cool spicey overtone thats hard to describe, i think back to the columbian redbud days....spicy,sweet,strong, this with the OG influence makes this one of my all time favorite OG's, striaght -up!
similar to the haze version also offered here, so its all on you, nice OG reaction or a cool haze trip....your choice!
Ive trie both and would absolutly buy both again and again, hey, this cannaloupe thing is rare, get some before rare turns into extinct.
and i just love the delivery service, my orders always show up right around the quoted arrival time which is key here.....not how long it takes but getting there when time was actually quoted, thats the important part of are very welcome!?

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Tahoe OG

Tahoe, Go, Go, Go......

wow, this is the smoothest yet hardest ride ive took in a long time , no vapin here although i love too (mines broke) this is just smearin on raw papers type of review but anyway, here we go...
When you uncap the tahoe container there is actually a super pleasent spicy smell present which i dont run into except with craft concentrates, must be from the clean green supply used to create the heavenly wax.
Wax, now that just a term for description, this stuff is actually like flakes which is the most managable version you would want whether you are vapin or smearin, doesnt matter.
i smeared mine on a raw paper and then used it to roll up freshly ground chem/og cross buds which is also available here at craft and i must say, that was the best taste matched with reaction that came on fast and hard but smooth without the high presure head feel....amazing. you must buy some of the tahoe crumble and the chem/og reserve and try this trip out for yourself, a migraines worst nightmare......think about that/it.......

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CRAFT Daywrecker Diesel

Ocean Grown Chemicals....

O G crossed with Chem Dawg so this one should catch quite a few fans attention out there because let me tell you, when you take the top off the jar off of this stuff.... straight up chemical smell and or diesely as well... super bright green, no hues just blinding bright green with that slathered in powdered sugar look.....looks like dessert to me , i could just eat it right out the jar!!
nice tight dense colas here folks and yes i know what your thinking, chem dawg plants are so fragile with loose at best bud growth which is typical for chem but behold, these colas are big full and dense you may thank the O G anytime please because this is just a genius cross, the nastyness hashy chemical taste of the chem but with the strength and hardyness of the ocean grown strain.....perfect. i suggest you get a jar of this fast while you can, and as per usual the absolute best delivery service out there.

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  • Reviewed 5/14/14


Blueberry OG....another pie?!

i love this one, reminds me of blueberry pie fresh out the oven! nice tight dense colas, sweet syrupy smell. i really like this one in the daytime, has a creative jump start feel upon entry. to me its a 50/50, maybe 60/40 leaning toward the sativa side of the fence. def a must try before its done and over with.. you will really be into the taste of this one, just a super treat!

Last edited by richiee on 5/14/14 at 1:06 PM Pacific

CRAFT Platinum Cookies

Cookies?......yes sir and please!

cookies cookies everywhere right? once was kinds tricky to track down but now absolutely every club has cookies. behold, there is one though that is different from all the rest and be it that it is.....craft CLEAN thats right CLEAN green cookies ladies and gentlemen!! step right up and feast your eyes because this some really dark hashy tasting CLEAN green cookies of the platinum blend. i'll put these cookies up against the rest, thats for sure! what do you get when you cross lemon citrus with chocolate? Buy a jar of this and thats what you'll get, amazing bouquet unreal and that just from taking the top off the jar, when you get to grindin and or squeezin the colas a straight-up hash smells fills the immediate area! this will be a super wake-up call for all cookies lover out there, this will be your goto for cookies for sure. if you into cookies try 'em before they all buy 'em!!

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Cannaloupe Haze

Haze?...Don't mind if i do!

another daytime favorite, lot's of subtle flavors, this is a fun one! nice dense colas, very unique taste and smell, i was picking up different little flavors, one day fruity another day like a nice wine, how fun is that! got housework? then you got this haze too then, try some of this before you start cleaning, you will be so done with your work but all without the dread/hate of it. i actually like this one for nitecap as well, they call me mellow yellow......thats right.

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Black Cherry Funk, I Love You....

and i really do, at this time the funk is my "have to have on every order" strain, i just love it thing is the funk reminds be of one of kyles gems called "cherry Lopez" this funk is identical if any of you old hill's farmacy patients are reading this, but other than all that..... if you are a first tymer or a veteran crafter such as myself try this funk, it is my most favorite tasting and reacting hybrid at the moment. tight super dense colas, you have to see it to believe it!!! order up before it's out....

  • Reviewed 9/23/13

animal cookies shatter

animal cookies shatter

So much better than wax, and the taste is dead on to its title, I love this flavor and can't wait to get again and so much easier to handle than wax, I use mine in a pen type vaporizer and get full flavor results. Get this before its gone, no mo're wax, let's get shattered.

Last edited by richiee on 9/22/13 at 7:43 PM Pacific

Tahoe OG


My absolute favorite concentrate at the moment, I use mine in a pen type vaporizer and it delivers super pure o.g. flavor, unbelievable!!! Looks like broken brown beer bottles, with a penetrating fast acting reaction. Never buying wax again, I'm sticking with shatters and honeycombs. If you chase the flavor of o.g. then this is a must try and easier to handle than wax. Get this now or just leave the rest for me......ha,ha:-)

  • Reviewed 6/3/13

super lemon haze for daze....

so so sweet, this one smells like jack herrer dipped in butterscotch. syrupy sweet and sticky like fly paper. nice tight buds, really bright green with a gold yellow sheen. reminds me of Durban upon lighting with a mega lemony taste on exhale. super smooth and hard hit to the skull all in one. leans more toward sativa in reaction, nice for day or night. lemon it up, this is top of the line haze, lemon heads unite!!

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Clean Green Cherry Pie Kush

cherry pie kushier

kush chasers look no further, this is cherry pie kush....that sweet cherry smell with a hashy front. very tight dense buds, frosty and dark in appearance, sweet as I said but theres a dry wine type tartness that will have you getting this one over and over. nice og type of smell when you squeeze the buds. perfect for after work or into the evening. expect more from this one than other cherry pies you might have ran into, believe me.....its there.

Last edited by richiee on 6/3/13 at 11:03 AM Pacific


super ape your my hero...

sweet like grape kool ade, piercing taste and smell, very kush like in effect. tight dense buds with a dark purple frosty appearance. this must be a special cut. a must have for hybrid chasers. ive nicknamed this one great granddaddy. this one is a hard hitter to the head with very purple like effects but with this one you can actually still function, very nice balanced hybrid. change your head without the couch-lok.......enjoy that!

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pure kush

pure kush finally done right!!!

in the past any pure kush ive ran intois almost invisible in taste and smell. stop the presses, this is the 1st pure kush that finally represents itself. the smell reminds me of sweet pink lemonade. tight bright green buds, lots of orange in this one, very hairy. this one tastes like sour diesel that's been dipped in raw sugar, and the effect hard and fast hitting that stays with you for hours. throw away your sleeping pills, daddys home!

durban delight....

wow, piney, sweet, sour, hashy, all of that wrapped up in tight denceness with a gooishness pure sativa that must be tried. even indica chasers will take notice with this gooey your grinder will not shake clean. this stuff clings and sticks to everything it touches. buttery pine fresh fills the air when grinding. this is a daytime masterpiece. old school south African strain still hits hard and fast and the taste stays with you for hours, reminds me of a really good dry white wine. save this one for that "top of the morning" or lunchtime mode.

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hash bash....

every now and then (more than not) I like to venture before all the wax's super melts ect. not a dabber here, not into fads and such, so what I like to do is break out the glass cane pipe and hash it up but its getting hard to find concentrates that aren't wax or fast melting, so when I seen that craft actually had the old school in stock I got one of each on the pronto!!!
I got the blue dream, lambs bread and a og. all 3 are just great for pure use and not as just a topper. I think the blue dream stands out slightly amongst the 3. all three are nice and smooth with super easy to use and handle crumbles if you will. at only twenty a gram you wont go wrong.

  • Reviewed 3/20/13

Clean Green Stardawg

Stardawg, you're my hero.

I like this one for targeting little body aches and such, curbs those migraines too. This is one of the best early morning strains out there, excellent flavor but maintains a mellow unobtrusiveness that I welcome on those queasy stomach mornings that haunt from time to time.
You will notice a really great earthy follow up upon exhaling, I like to call it high class old school.
This will be an absolute favorite for hipsters, something they can whip out and make all the others envious with the constant question.....what is that?.....I love that taste!!
This one is really hard to describe in flavor. unique/excellent for sure.
I can't imagine why this one is lower donation than the others on the menu. everyone loves a hidden gem!!!

Last edited by richiee on 3/20/13 at 12:37 PM Pacific

Sour Diesel Kief

Kief Richards Y'all

I've never experienced this much flavor from kief before!!!
If you are a kief chaser then by all means this must be for you !!
so smooth on the inhale but during the exhale you get a concentrated bubba kush taste.
very fast acting, mix it or straight up, either way you will love this smooth clean ride for sure !!!


Grape Rocks !! ....

....But not how you're thinking, yes Grape Ape/Silverback ect does indeed rock but what I meant was wow, these have got to be the most dense flowers ive seen to date! Just like the title says....Grape Rocks!!
When you first open the jar Musty is what comes to mind, not the musty gym locker but the good kind of musty which dominates purple strains like GDP, Erkle ,ect. Remember pixie stix candy? Well this smells just like Grape Pixie Stix, I save the jolly rancher comparison for more generic purple types, this Grape Ape is so special with its clean green certification and finally, someone is properly flushing this one for sure, a lot of purple strains will keep going out and you find yourself relighting a dozen times but not with this one.
I noticed that when you squeeze the buds that a spicy spiceness adds to the sweet grapeness, that is really unique with purple stains.
another unique feature I like is that it retained its green color without turning purple which I think is what all the best purple/grapy tasting strains have.
This one hits the head and the body hard without sacrificing your so smooth I love this one, clean green is obviously the only way to go.
If you've been chasing a hard hitting purple that's as smooth as sweet tea on a sunny day then lock up the brakes and order a 4 gram 1/8 of this before it's gone!

  • Reviewed 2/22/13

Clean Green Ken's Cut GDP

Smooth As Silk Grandaddy.

i just love kens cut GDP, it has a deep purple grapey taste but oh so smooth AND it still retains a lot of the green look which i think is a super plus in purple strains.... rare if you will.

a lot of times when the color gets too purple it can be kind of bitter and seems like you have to keep relighting over and over but not with crafts, its a super clean tasting purple strain tight dense full of flavor.

if your a GDP fan like me then you must try this, it will be your fav purple go to everytime.
cleansupersweetgrapeytaste, what are you waiting for?

Clean Green Chiesel

Old School Skunky.

chiesel (cg) really nice throwback skunk smell and taste, sometimes i like to venture back where i came from and not that i dont like all the new fruity hashy strains that are out there, sometimes i just want to get skunky and chiesel is perfect for this.

the sour diesel really dominates the smell taste on this one, but the uk cheese plants in a sweetness that sends you into a skunky candy store!

nice tight dense bright green sweet smelling nugs of butterscotch maddness if you will....

fast hitting and long lasting and oh so clean green, i am all about the clean green and craft has the lagest selection i know of.

dont miss out on the chiesel (cg) especially if you're a sour diesel fan, very sweet, very diesely!!!!

Last edited by richiee on 2/21/13 at 10:48 PM Pacific

Clean Green Skywalker OG

Luke....I Am Your Father

wow, nothing like a great batch of skywalker! seem to be getting harder to find these days but once again, c.r.a.f.t. pulls through with a real winner.
super clean O.G. taste with a blue berrieish finish....nice indeed!
O.G. chasers dont miss this one, that skywalker can get elusive at times.
This is one of my favorite mid-day medications.

Last edited by richiee on 2/22/13 at 9:20 AM Pacific

Durban Anyone?

Sativa at one of its finest, this one is super aromatic like a nice dry wine, this one invades the sences with a super clean finish with up, up, up, lifting experiance.
I recommend this one for first thing in the morning use, just so invigorating feeling, almost a clensing feeling.
super smooth and clean going in and out, exhale reviels the grapeyness you get lucky enough to find in properly grown durban.
This is my favorite durban that ive found thus far in the area, sweet and tart, how can you go wrong?
If you like durban then come in for a landing and try this durban before it takes off and is gone forever more....

Honey Oil (1gr)

Honey....I'm Home!

now this has got to be the best deal/bargain out there for sure! super strong and fast acting this one is not to be missed, i smear mine on raw papers with mega results! this is the thickest oil ive seen so far but easy to work with by just holding it in your hand for a minute.
try this oil just once and you'll be back for more, you will love this oil, so sweet, so effective.

Last edited by richiee on 2/22/13 at 9:36 AM Pacific

Purple Sour Diesel CannaNectar

Lemon Fresh!!

what do you get when you cross lemon haze canna necter with tangelo kush? A citrus rush you wont believe, super citrus overload! you will love it!
canna necter, never heard of it untill i found c.r.a.f.t. now it's my favorite concertrate.
comes in the easiest way of user friedly bliss ive ever imagined, no mess, no fuss, use exactly how much you need and then just cap it up! so simple.
i love this stuff, the looks and consistency reminds me of applebutter.

if you havent tried canna necter then dive right in, you will love this! super fast acting that lasts and lasts.
smear some on a paper, load your vape pen, or just eat it up yum!

Last edited by richiee on 2/22/13 at 9:45 AM Pacific

Tangelo Kush

Fresh Cut Oranges....Spicy!

I love this strain as a matter of fact this IS my favorite strain, this is one strain that makes be wander just how important thc percentages are, because this strain comes in just under 14% which is kinda low campared to what you see nowadays.
but fear not, this strain hits me very sativa heavy, very long=lasting, and a taste that i just can not find elsewhere, as soon as you open the jar it's like fresh-cut oranges with spicy overtones.

the taste is very hyper hitting meaning very pungent with a super citrus spicy aroma that clings to the sinus/throat area that is almost along the lines of aromatherapy superwhelming indeed. The overall reaction is copared to any of the 20% and up strains out there.

Tangelo Kush is a must try and if you chase the citrus rush taste then this is it. you probey wont find this anywhere but c.r.a.f.t. this is a boutique strain, very special and one of a kind, the only thing ive ever had come close to this intense taste is a very elusive strain called catpiss.

try combing tangelo kush with some of crafts super lemon haze canna now thats a citrus magic carpet ride you must experiance.

Been thinking of trying delivery? out of ALL the delivery options out there c.r.a.f.t. is by far the leader in this option, theres always a gift in the bag such as clipper lighters, grams of hash/kief, pretty impressive for sure.

give these guys a call, you will get the best advice and service from start to end, they also have some of the highest testing sun grown ive seen. you will love c.r.a.f.t.!!!

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