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  • Reviewed 7/26/12

1.2 gram,Ten dollar, pre-roll Sour Diesel

New delivery service review of products.

I am a Medical Marijuana patient who suffers from chronic pain, depression and have had a Heart tripple bi-pass. So, I use edibles, vaporize using a volcano, trying to Smoke less and vaporize more. I like Organic and tested Medications. I did try smoking the first half inch of a "1.2 gram, Ten dollar, pre-roll Sour Diesel cone shaped Joint". There were 3 other patients enjoying it with me. It comes in a great reusable container smells sweet, tastes cured and smooth smoked, and all of the medicines from CRAFT Collective have been tested and CBD and THC percentages marked on the lable as well as Sativa/Indica dominance. Verification was easy, becoming a collective member takes only a minute. I also have had the pleasure of trying "Double Vision Honey Oil" and like to smear a small amount on the top of a lolly pop from walgreens....only if I am feeling the need. Sore, tires and still need to walk 2 dogs, I reach for that lolly pop, and medicate while walking. If used as directed the $40 price is reasonable considering the many uses, and the 70 percent THC sativa dom concentrate.

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