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  • Reviewed 11/1/13

Very friendly and courteous.

The staff here are very friendly and helpful. This is the first legal dispensary I have had any experience with, so I can't compare to others yet. I only wish their edibles had more reliable dosage labels. The herb has been great, but I ate a cookie that was WAY too potent for my liking.


Hempseed Ginger Bar


Warning: So potent it was not even fun.

This cookie should come with a warning. I was not prepared for this and it ruined my day.
I vaporize cannabis every single day to treat my glaucoma. I've used cannabis in some form for the last 19 years. I thought I had a pretty high tolerance. So I was completely caught of guard by how strong this cookie was. One hour after eating the cookie, I was feeling great and felt like dancing. Two hours later I decided to take a nap. Four hours later I got up from my nap to use the bathroom and lost consciousness while standing at the toilet. I literally fell over and hit my head. This cookie was so potent that the 1-3 potency scale on this site can't sufficiently convey how overly-potent this cookie is. I would suggest that even people who believe themselves to have a high tolerance eat no more than 1/4 of the cookie in a day. I am not a fan of extremes, and so I am not a fan of this cookie.
Otherwise, it was delicious!

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