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  • Reviewed 3/18/15

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Outliers Collective

Best experience getting my meds EVER!

What can I say, only" legal dispensary" got me in the door(held by a very nice security guard) and from that moment on it was the most positive, stress/worry free experience I have had in the 2 years I have been a patient in Cali. Believe me when I say that I also have not had this kind of quality and obvious attention to detail any other spot. So many great things going on there, the nug runs are mind blowing, flowers perfectly dried and cured, and equally important the staff is the greatest group of patients who strive to have you leaving knowing you had the best service in San Diego. Platinum Cookies is the best Ive ever had. the vape concentrates are so on point and potent, go here right now, you wont be let down. Thank you Outco, you all rock!!

Green Goblin

Outliers Collective

Grade AAA meds!

First time having this strain and the taste is amazing and so clean. It has the GC aroma to the smoke which is awesome and the effects of this flower top the charts! Very dreamy and floaty feeling, chill, very focused but relaxed. Long lasting heavy hitter this beauty is. Gotta give it up for favorite spot Outco, you have the best minds and spirits growing your meds, your attention to detail is off the charts, and only legal spot in my neck of the woods for patients so you know thats where Im gonna be, gotta support the positivity that this kind of environment projects also. Respect.