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  • Reviewed 9/30/17

Super tasty White Gorilla

White Gorilla has been one of my favorite heavy indicas for years. I love it for deep relaxing and for helping to neutralize migraines and other pain. It has a rich earthy smell and has a delicious savory earthy flavor with soft sweet undertones.

Bloom Room


This spacey sativa has a strong cerebral effect with hazy creative moments. It has a soft sweet strawberry flavor that has floral hints and is bright green with many orange hairs. It's perfect for being social with friends or for creative expressions.

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  • Reviewed 8/31/17

fave cartridge

This is my favorite cartridge to keep on me in my purse. I use it most in between classes because it feels like an Indica dominant hybrid so it's good at mellowing me out without getting tired or losing focus on school work. It also has a nice light lemon pine taste that's not too strong.

  • Reviewed 8/30/17

TreatWell - 30ML - High CBD 20:1

Bloom Room

My favorite tincture :)

I've tried many other tincture brands but this one remains my favorite because it reliably works each time. Treatwell makes a variety of great tinctures but the 20:1 ratio works best for my needs. I take a couple drops normally a few times throughout the day to help prevent and treat migraines. This tincture has also been very helpful for me in managing anxiety. Since it is much lower in THC, it's not very psychoactive so it's perfect for medicating while at work or visiting family. Also it's MCT Oil based rather than alcohol based so it tastes better!

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