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September 27 ,1974
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Tai chi master
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Ginger brew and outdoor
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Craft in Berkeley
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Mar 2013
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Dispensary & Marijuana Reviews

  • Reviewed 1/16/15

Berry Delicious Cookies

Even The Cookie Monster would be stoked on these Raspberry Cookies produced by CRAFT. They are the most delicious version of the Cookies I have had yet anywhere. The perfumed smell emanating from my open jar is like that of a windmill of funk blowing sweet wind towards my nostrils. Some how CRAFT seems to hit every note perfectly from strain selection through all the difficult stages of production to create unrivaled flowers that in my opinion escalate them from masters of the craft into becoming masterpiece level ARTISTS.
Long lIve CRAFT! THANKS!!!

Afghan Skunk

Full Sun Flavor - HIGHLY Recommended!

Five Stars for this Full Sun Afghan Skunk offered by Craft. It is hard to find truly well done perfect outdoor that lives up to Craft's standards but they always seem to find the solution. This fine herb smokes beautifully and offers the user a kind head space and deeply relaxing indica body high. Opening up the bud reveals a wonderful smell and the perfectly cured crystals of trichomes. It takes time and love to produce flowers this epic and if you think that outdoor can not compare with indoor you are in a for a pleasant surprise. Terpenes, flavor, buzz and smell all add up when doing it right. Plus it is so strong it made me wonder if there actually are skunks in Afghanistan? I would like to think there is and they are cute and wear turbans as they go about their business. THANKS CRAFT!!!

  • Reviewed 8/27/14

CRAFT Daywrecker Diesel


Fantastic batch of intense smelling and tasting day wrecker. Shared a bowl with my 75 year old very experienced friend (fellow patient) who commented with her years of wisdom that it was "kind".
Thank you CRAFT.

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This batch of ACE OF SPADES powered by the SUN is delicious, beautiful and compassionately priced.
Very good smell, taste and buzz. Doing justice to the Motörhead song of the same name.
Thanks also to the new folks - Jane on the phone and Carlos who delivered. Keeping the vibe right and continuing the Craft tradition of fine service. THANKS!

  • Reviewed 6/23/14

Afghan Blueberry Sun Grown

Beautiful Sun Grown Blueberry Afghan

This is some VERY nice medicine for those who appreciate the power of the sun. Craft has some of the best medicine I have ever had both indoor and outdoor. The quality you expect from Craft is certainly in this batch of incredible Blueberry Afghan, for those who do not frequent the outdoor section - check this out. Upon opening the buds are some of the most glistening and perfectly cured crystals I have seen. So tasty and cared for so perfectly. I HIGHLY recommend getting yourself some of these choice buds before they are gone. THANKS CRAFT

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Afgoo SunGrown

Afgoo Sun Grown Perfection

Wow- the current sale on Afgoo sungrown is such a bargain! The flavor and cure of this herb is amazing. Like all of Craft's output this is top notch and at 100 bucks an O it is wise to stock up. Craft has the techniques down for all that they offer and their Sun Grown medicine is HIGHLY recommended. Perfectly cured and delicious mix of Afghan crossed with Maui Haze. THANKS CRAFT- they do it the way it should be!

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CRAFT 3 KINGS (Untrimmed Baby Buds)

Three Kings Five Stars

OK this is a super deal right here. As per usual Craft has made available their buds without haircuts available at a discounted price. Basically these are the same buds as their top shelf version but if you do the last tiny amount of trimming yourself you get a sweet hook up. And it is a delicious treat too. Very nice sativa, extremely low price. Act fast these go quick. THANKS CRAFT!

  • Reviewed 6/10/14

CRAFT Dutch Treat

sweet leaf

received a free sample on my last delivery and love it. very uplifting and good for working and creating.
the flowers are tight and beautiful and so is the buzz. i highly recommend. delicious treat.
superior craftsmanship.

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Baby Buds

Skywalker 5 star Buds Baby

I would be hard pressed to find equal quality in the top shelf full price of other dispensaries. Excellent bargain and superior craftsmanship from my absolute favorite dispensary and growers. Thank you Craft for making available such compassionate prices for such amazingly well cared for medicine.
I hope you guys come to the North Bay soon, as you are the best and I miss you since I left Berkeley.
May the force be with you.

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excellent version of a hi cbd strain. the taste is divine and the effect is very medicinal in all of the ways one wants= pain reduction, elevated mood and very level headed.
I think the cbd strains seem to have a more balanced point of view, stony but pragmatic.
delicious sample. THANKS

  • Reviewed 3/28/13

Dispensary Review:

C.R.A.F.T. Cannabis Delivery


Starting with the proper philosophy and practicing what they preach this dispensary is the most generous and finely tuned I have had the pleasure of dealing. Every effort is made to work with organic materials indoor and out and the curation of strains is a good mix of boutique and awaesome heirloom landrace strains. Best first time package anywhere and on my second order they actually gave me even more freebies then my first order which is unheard of. My hat is off to these master craftspeople.

Clean Green Stardawg

5 Star DOG

2nd delivery and tried this "discounted" clean green stardawg out. Awesome flavor, cure, and high.
Perfectly grown and handled. Definitely top top shelf. Extremely heavy on the weight too- thanks keep up the good work!

  • Reviewed 3/15/13

Clean Green Chiesel


1st time delivery and along with a bunch of fine samples got a free gram of this superb herb. Perfect cure, smell and taste. like a fine aged cheese with a chaser of jet fuel. Smooth in and out and then leaving you with the kindest head space. Extremely well done as with every single item I got.

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Skywalker OG Sungrown (BIO)


1st time patient and among the items I tried was an over 4 gram 1/8th of the skywalker og outdoor Bio which consisted of one giant perfectly cured, stinky, extremely sticky amazing bud. Which rolled up perfect with the free honey oil they threw in... absolutely perfect.

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