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  • Reviewed 8/12/11

A no BS review

I've been coming to HHC once or twice per month for about 3 years now and have seen it evolve quite a bit. I have also read numerous reviews both here and on other site's. The complaint I see most is that the prices are on the high side. I disagree.

You can look on the menu and see that the prices range from $35 per 1/8th to $60 per 1/8. The question is what is "top shelf"? From what I've seen across many dispensaries "top shelf" can mean different things at different dispensaries. When you buy top shelf at HHC you're buying medicine that is visually nearly perfect, the smell is nearly perfect, it is a rare strain or batch, or a combination of these. Top shelf is not necessarily the most potent med but the presentation factor is nearly perfect. As an example HHC regularly has 20%+ THC strains for $45-$55 with one notable example from recent memory (iirc) of sour flower that tested 31% for $55 per 1/8. I know that many of the $45-55 1/8s at HHC would be called top shelf at many other dispensaries. What it really boils down to is are you looking for the best effect or the best presentations? I for one would take a 15% 1/8 for $45 over a cosmetically perfect 15% 1/8 at $60. The point is HHC has something for everyone. Some people will only look at "top shelf" and I think it's those people who say HHC is expensive. This brings me to the next point.

The selection at HHC is probably the best of ANY dispensary ANYWHERE. They normally have 25+ strains of flower, 20+ concentrates and 20+ edibles in stock. I'm partial to concentrates so HHC has been very good to me (and many others). They have every type of concentrate you could want; from water extraction to supercritical CO2 to wax to oil. Every concentrate is tested for THC and CBD just like the flowers. What's amazing to me is the pricing of the concentrates. Several times each week you can find $10-15 grams of hash testing in the 40-50% range. For people who want value I haven't seen anything come close to HHC's concentrates.

In my 3 years of coming to HHC I've never met an employee who was unprofessional. From front door to exit every employee I've come in contact with has greeted me. At the counter there is never a rushed feel. In my experience the bud tenders have been patient and focused on me even when I want to look at 10 strains. Overall there's a great vibe there and it's pretty common to see strangers chatting with each other when the line is long.

Something not mentioned in many reviews are the free services HHC. Some of these include free growing lessons, massage and help quitting tobacco. They also offer "care packages" for low income patients.

The negatives:

HHC can get VERY busy so be prepared to wait in line for 30 minutes if you come at a peak time. Oddly, as packed as I've seen it, I've never had a problem with parking.

They won't tell you if something is still in stock over the phone. You can probably guess why. I don't blame them but sometimes it's inconvenient.

Their reward program kinda sucks. You have a card with 26 squares and one square is punched out for every $12.50 spent. When all 26 spots are punched out the card can be redeemed for $17 of merchandise. What sucks about it is that it is not credit; you can't use it toward a purchase, it has to be spent separately. For example, if you want 2 grams of hash which are $10 each they wont allow you to use the card and pay the $3 in cash. You would have to use the card for 1g then try to find something to use the other $7 or you lose the $7. Why they continue to use this systems makes no sense to me at all. Why should I lose any part of my reward after I just spent $325 getting it?

Overall the positives outweigh the negatives by a large margin. I would defiantly recommend HHC to any patient. if I could give it 4.9 stars I would because of the minor issues I've mentioned but all the same I don't mind giving it 5.

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