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Dispensary & Marijuana Reviews

  • Reviewed 5/6/11

Best tasting hash I've ever had

This is fast becoming my favorite night time medication. I suffer from what I refer to as terminal insomnia, so anything that helps with that is something I'm going to recommend.
The consistency of the hash itself is fairly granular with a few little pebbles that are stuck together. It is very easy to break apart though. The color reminds me of a christmas tree in that you can plainly see the different red and green granules.
It's taste is very fruity, almost berry like, ergo the name of the strain I guess, and is very expanding in the lungs; so small hits are advised, otherwise you'll be coughing like mad.
The initial effect goes straight to the head, just like a sativa would do, but expands to the entire body in about 10-15 minutes, which is more indica like. This latter effect is what just knocks me out for the night and is perfect for my insomnia.
The price point is great as I find it hard to spend anything over $25-$30 for hash these days. At only $20/gr, this is a great deal.
Any insomniacs out there - this is more than worth checking out!

  • Reviewed 1/2/11

One of the best in Sac, and you get what you pay for

This was the first place I went to after getting my card back in Sept of last year and have been back several times since. I initially went because it was voted best in sac in the SNR. I can see why.
First off, very easy to find, and plenty of parking on the premises, which is watched over by one or two security guards. There is a little zen garden as you approach the entrance which looks cool, although I have yet to see someone sitting in it.
Check in is pretty quick and easy and I have yet to wait more than 5-10 minutes in the small line area.
The three budtenders I've dealt with were all very friendly and knowledgeable about the various products they offer. Not once have I felt rushed or 'like a number' as some have said. I try to limit the small talk if there's a line to be courteous, but even if there was, I've never felt rushed, which is very cool.
The medicines - a very large selection of just about everything you can want and the quality is some of the best and most consistent in the city. I've had several strains of their top shelf flowers and concentrates so far and all have been incredible (Mendo Purps and the THC Gold are among my faves). I have just recently tried a few of their mid and lower grade products. They're definitely not nearly as good as the top shelf stuff (duh!), but still good and at prices that even the short budgets can handle.
And there's the only con here and the only reason I gave 4 not 5 stars. Their top shelf prices; which looking at other clubs around the area are not much higher, if at all. But still, $60/eighth for top shelf is not cheap.
The good thing is, when you pay it here, you definitely get what you pay for.
Overall one of the best in the Sacramento area. Definitely worth checking out.

Very Aptly Named

This is the Honey Oil I remember of yore.
One of the most potent forms I have ever used. When smoked, all that is needed are one to two drops in either a glass oil pipe or on top of your favorite flower. There is almost no taste, or at least none that I could detect and almost no smell when sniffing the open vial either.
The effect is literally within 30-60 seconds of inhaling and it is a very deep and euphoric feeling throughout the body and will last anywhere from 60-120 minutes. There is definitely a groggy feeling when the initial effect wears off, so it's great for insomniacs and other similar ailments, but I would stay away from it for day time medicating unless you have nothing to do but veg for the day.
I think it would be great for chronic minor to moderate pain as well, but again, for night time use only due to the heavy grogginess.

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