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  • Reviewed 4/16/16

Lift Bar


My favorite edible so far

I've tried this on about half a dozen occasions. I've tried about 10-15 different edibles products, and this is my favorite.

The bar is gluten free and vegan, which makes it a good option for sharing with friends, since you never know what people's dietary restrictions are. It tastes great. The entire bar has 60 mg. I started with 1/3 (20 mg) the first time, and now I prefer 30-40 mg. It took a long time for the high to take hold. I didn't notice anything for 45 minutes and didn't really feel high until 90 minutes. However, the quality of the high was great. I had a lot of energy and really enjoyed walking around and watching a movie. Compared to other edibles, the high was very clear headed yet psychedelic. Awesome perceptual distortions. The high lasts about 6 hours.

  • Reviewed 3/10/16

Veda Chew CBD Gold

nice body high, 20 minutes to take effect

This doesn't taste fantastic, but it's effective and easy to dose. I'll almost certainly be ordering it again. It's relaxing and caused me to sleep very deeply, although it didn't make me tired when the effect was underway.

  • Reviewed 3/8/16

Care By Design 1:1 Oil Spray

great in larger doses... in small doses, spacey and tired

I'm on the search to find something I can take that is CBD-dominant and controls symptoms of crohn's disease. I don't want anything that gets me very high, because my plan is to medicate during the day, and my brain needs to be "on" at least 12 hours each day. This was my first experience with CBD drops. I chose the 1:1 ratio. I built up slowly over the course of 4 days to gauge the dosing and timing.

With 1 squirt (2.5 mg THC & CBD) I felt nothing. With 2 squirts, I felt a little bit spacey, and my digestion improved quite a bit. With 3 squirts, I felt even spacier, and I slept through my alarm the next morning.

The highest dose I experimented with was 8 squirts (20mg CBD and THC). This was the equivalent of 1/3 the bottle, so it was a $10 high. At this dose, I was very altered. It took 2 hours to really hit me, and my high peaked in 3 hours and lasted another 4 hours after that. The experience was extremely pleasant. Colors were brighter, my surroundings were interesting, and I felt a wonderful warm, body high. The effect was different than smoking... reminded me more like a magic mushroom high.

Even though I'm ranking the drops 5 stars, I don't think I'll try this again, because it's impractical for my purposes. I need something that hits quickly (which probably means going back to flowers), doesn't make me spacey and doesn't last so long. I think my next order of operation will be to try a really high CBD flower.

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