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October 4 ,1966
I can't live without:
my baby
I'm an expert at:
being compassionate, selling, celebrating, healing, coordinating events, fundraising,
My fantasy hobby is:
I go weak in the knees for:
I don't go weak for anything
My most prized possession is:
Not into possesions, but I really enjoy my art very much. Oh, I like my diamonds too but could live without them.
Lately I've been recommending:
Nothing, trying to keep my mouth shut and learn for a little while.
I really need to cut back on:
Stress, profanity, and negative thinking
Me described in one word:
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May 2011
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Dispensary & Marijuana Reviews

  • Reviewed 5/25/11

Dispensary Review:

Northstar Holistic Collective

Great for new patients!

As a new patient I felt overwhelmed by the new world I was learning about. while all of the collectives I have visited so far have been very friendly, Northstar was by far the best experience for me as a neophyte. The staff really explained everything to me with enthusiasm and patience. The medicine that I got was perfect for me. I felt real relief--like I could finally breathe. The quality of medicine and the quality of the service is unmatched. Thanks everyone at Northstar!

Bio Diesel

Unmatched for anxiety

Bio Diesel is unmatched in treating my anxiety. I just feel the anxiety is gone. I also love the flavor and while I feel a very nice high, I'm not knocked out like many sativas I have used. This hybrid (don't know the genetics) is really working for me. My sleep is greatly improved, my stress and anxiety symptoms seem to disappear and it is a great relief.