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Dispensary & Marijuana Reviews

  • Reviewed 6/18/12

The BMW of Dispensaries

These guys are definitely catering to the high-end (no pun intended) crowd. I came here in search of an alternative to BPG -- which was pretty much my go-to place (and still would be if it weren't for the feds). These guys seemed pretty together. I can't believe they get away with cash only though. Makes me wonder if they pay their fair (compared to other clubs) share of taxes. They also get an extra buck or two from the ATM inside.
Anyway.... after a reasonably quick approval process, I got a bit of a lecture of their rules. They are really into portraying themselves as a professional group that doesn't want any riff-raff. No worries in that department. The lowest priced eigths were $50.
I was surprised at how uncrowded the place was with the usually swamped BPG having just been shut down. The really hot young budtender woman started telling me about how their display was set up, when she got done telling me about the flowers, she continued on telling me about the edibles and concentrates. I broke in explaining to her that I'm pretty much just interested in flowers. She told me that this is what she always tells the new customers, so I just had to listen to her finish.
I forgot about the no cash thing so I had to go over to the ATM. When I came back to the counter, the lady was with the next customer but her co-worker immediately took care of me and was super friendly and competent. He gave me my free first-timer edible and cashed me out.
I bought two excellent eigths... Jamaican lambsbread and Maple. Both were definitely worth the price and it was a high price at that! The lambsbread was the best sativa I've ever smoked I think and the Maple was the best tasting.

Jamaican Lamb's Bread.

Best Sativa Ever

I don't know if it really was 23% THC (or was it 21?) but I believe it. You only need a little to last you a long time. The familiar euphoria without the anxiety effects that often accompany sativa. No drowsiness and it doesn't make u super stupid either. I paid 60 an eighth and have no regrets. If you are a self disciplined person, you could actually save money with this pot even at that price. Alas I don't fit that description so I guess I'll just have to save it for special occasions.



Best tasting pot ever

I'm not sure if "Maple" actually describes the taste or what, but I found this strain to have both unique effects and the most wonderful sweet taste I have ever experienced. Obviously your results may vary, but to me it's one of those flowers who's taste actually greatly contributes to the high. I felt it linger along with a nice relaxing, yet non-drowsy and uplifting effects. A little pricey but you get what you pay for.

  • Reviewed 6/18/12

Dispensary Review:

ReLeaf Herbal Cooperative

Solid value, friendly non-pretentious staff

I was in the city in the morning dropping my sweety off to work. I was planning to go to SPARC, but it hadn't opened yet. This was right after the sham Oaksterdam bust and I was fearful that they had shut down. The lady that registered me told me they were open and that they just opened later in the day. I thought that that was cool that she didn't hesitate to give me the accurate information. There was kind of a mellow party atmosphere. They gave me a free edible for being a first-timer.
They had about six big mason jars on the counter. The low-end stuff was very unimpressive looking, leafy and shaky -- not like some where the look and taste is fine but there's just a lower level of THC. There wasn't anything really high-end but I was quite satisfied with the eighth of sour diesel and purple I got for around 35 bucks. If you are looking for a solid value and aren't too picky this is a good place to go to. If I lived in SOMA I would probably do most of my buying here, with an occasional stop at SPARC for high end treats.



No suffix?

OK I'm a long- time stoner, but I am fairly new to the whole medical cannabis scene with the huge variety of strains. When I asked the budtender what it was called, he said purple.. I said 'not kush or irkle or grape?' ..'Nope just purple'. Sweet tasting indica dominant effects without the knockout blow. Good deal for the money

  • Reviewed 6/17/12

Dispensary Review:


The Apple Store of Dispensaries

This place is worth checking out just for the surreal high tech feel of the place. The people at the door who checked me in were super nice. There product was nicely packaged and most if not all the product showed relevant percentages of THC levels and CBD etc. There seemed to be a host of fun activities for SPARC members.
Unfortunately, the lady budtender couldn't tell me anything about any of the products. I felt as though she just couldn't make for me to make up my mind and get out. I don't generally dis a place based on one experience with a staff member. The selection wasn't very good, especially if you want something lower end. I like high end stuff, but I like to mix in tasty lower grade to slow me down. There wasn't much in that department here. The product I purchased was very good, but slightly overpriced.

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