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  • Reviewed 5/29/14

Dispensary Review:

C.R.A.F.T. Cannabis Delivery

Superb quality meds at respectable prices

Just wanted to say thanks again to Craft for all the excellence in product and service! Always have loved your recommendations too! (My favorites are the super lemon haze and gape ape!) Also to anyone who's reading, there's a lot of shady delivery services out there but CRAFT isn't one of them. I'm a full time cannabis worker and serious cannabis connoisseur and I'd say of all the delivery services I've tried (I've tried about 7) and worked for (2 if your counting) they have had the best flowers and most professional packaging and service. You'd do yourself a favor to give them a try. Peace,

Hi Pickystoner!

So happy to make you happy! Thanks for the excellent review! We look forward to delivering you quality medicine with a smile, that makes you smile! :-) Highest Love! -Craft


Loved the recommendation to try this strain!

Great top shelf flower, excellent tight buds with little leaf (great trim job you guys at CRAFT!). Had a nice blueberry flavor with a defined og piney kick. An overall great strain I'd recommend to anyone for daytime enjoyment. Thanks Craft!
-Eddie D.

  • Reviewed 6/2/13

OV, Master Kush Cartridge


it works, and when it hasnt bpg made it right.

Love this pen because it looks a lot like an e-cig, which I'm guessing it probably has some of the same components of and the vaporized meds are made more liquid with glycerine I think- same as the nicotine in the e-cig I have for work I believe. So because the time I removed the top rubber cork and it leaked all over me and the time I got one of these delivered and it didn't work, bpg has replaced them (keep your receipts though) I can say I recommend this. But the meds work and actually have a good effect.

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