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February 9 ,1982
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Dogs and music.
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Driving around LA.
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Scuba Diving and Sky Diving.
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Cars and my woman.
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My woman (no, I don't really think women are posessions.)
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Smoking pot as an alternative to all other OTC medication.
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Nov 2010
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  • Reviewed 11/22/10

Dispensary Review:

Kelly's Collective

Nice place, good bud, fantastically indescreet.

Kelly's Collective is a really cool place. It's about 2 blocks from my apartment and located on Pico halfway in-between Robertson and La Cienega. It's nice on the interior, cool decor with cement floors, high walls and a big vaulted ceiling. When you go in, there is a big screen TV and a couch and a couple counters. There are usually a few patients hanging out, and one or two collective workers inside. Everybody is usually really nice and the bud they have is really nice. They also offer a pretty good variety of edibles, including some super rad brownies!! I'm usually in and out very quickly and quietly, but a few times I've been there I've hung out and played Playstation for awhile and talked with other patients and everybody coming and going is really polite here. It's a varied crowd, but respectful and cool.

The only downfall with Kelly's Collective is that it's in a bright green building on the corner of a street. The windows are covered over with bright green paint and there is no widow on the door. It's painfully obvious that this is a medical marijuana collective and it's kind of a blemish on the neighborhood with it's screaming color. The door is right on Pico, which is a pretty busy street in a pretty busy neighborhood, so if you're at all squeamish about being seen walking in and out of a medical marijuana collective, this is certainly not your cup of tea. That being said, I go here every week and I love this place.

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