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  • Reviewed 8/13/15


3 Kings

One of the many reasons why CRAFT Collective is my favorite dispensary is because they truely are conscious of make their medicine accessible to all patients! Even when money is a little tight I know CRAFT will be there for me with all their tears of prices. They always have specials and deals like this Three Kings and their Baby Bud specials. Beyond the affordable pricing they bring the top quality buds on all price tears, unlike many dispensaries whose lower shelf leaves you with nothing short of disappointment and sometimes even a headaches...smh. Clean meds are important!! and with CRAFT I know they always have their Patients in mind! Also Their delivery staff is always compassionate and make you feel as comfortable as possible. John has consistently been doing most of my deliveries and hes the HOMIEE! haha real shit tho, hes a good guy and always has a fat smile on his face when he comes to the door with my meds!! :)

  • Reviewed 4/15/15


As soon a i opened the jar of this og I was hit in the face by a waft of deep earthy kush. If your looking to come acron a kush from craft this should be your go to. This strain pushes my anxieties out of my consciousness and leaves me sitting on a kush cloud. Looking forward to trying the diablo as well! Thanks Craft! o.o

  • Reviewed 4/5/15


Blueberry Guy

Lots of strains out today have blueberry in their genetic linage, from Blueberry Pancakes to the old school blueberry yum yum. Many leave the taste of sweet fruit lingering in my mouth, but not all have the same medicinal strength for me. This cut of blueberry holds a strong kick in it that undeniable makes it a personal favorite of mine. Leaving me comfortably surfing through my day, and not locked to my couch. Rather flushing my anxieties so i can go on with my day. Pairs great with the SLH as well (blueberry lemonade ya digg)

  • Reviewed 3/21/15


I've been a Craft Member for two year and this strain is by far one of the most flavorful buds on the market. Every puff taste as if you are taking a bite of fresh lemon. For all you Lemonheads this is a must! and if your not a Lemonhead yet, this will leave you as one for suree!
~Thanks Craft

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