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patient id center

21670 JOHN R
I can't live without:
We offer patient and caregiver certifications!
I'm an expert at:
MMM is a different kind of garden center. We are a smaller business, specializing in the best quality gardening supplies
My fantasy hobby is:
Doctor days on Thursday!
I go weak in the knees for:
Monthly meetings are held for patients, caregivers and anyone who’s interested in medicinal marijuana. The meetings are a place to learn, meet, and network with others in this community. We have speakers ready to answer questions on a wide range of topics
My most prized possession is:
In addition to my qualifications and experience, I will provide doctor appointments, attorney services and the most current information on legal medical marijuana. I have a knowledgeable staff, with countless options and ideas.
Lately I've been recommending:
Our club is for the great for the new patient/caregiver as well as the experienced growers, So come and grow with us
Member since:
May 2011