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  • Reviewed 6/4/15

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True Healing Collective

Overall great experience

Ordered from THC a couple times now. All-around excellent customer service, from being able to track your (prompt!) delivery, to having all questions patiently answered, to highly detailed product descriptions, this is definitely one of my favorites so far. Lots of sales and specials, and very potent buds. If you need the strong stuff I recommend this place. I only wish they had more high CBD products.


Plus CBD Oil Spray - Peppermint


Not quite strong enough for me

If you don't need very much this is a good product. One serving is about 1mg CBD. I've used it to good effect before public speaking and for mild anxiety, but it's not enough for more intense anxiety or for preventing panic attacks. I do like the peppermint flavor, very discrete.

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  • Reviewed 6/4/15

Blueberry Bites

Almost perfect

So yummy! I love how classy the packaging is. I look forward to eating these before bed every night. A small dose is effective to get me to sleep. A larger dose before bed and I wake up with my whole body relaxed. Very useful when I'm struggling with panic. The only downside is I am extremely sensitive, so even these I have to cut into quarters for a small dose so I don't wake up groggy and uncoordinated. But they are much easier to cut small enough than other edibles I've tried.

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