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  • Reviewed 8/23/14

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Dank Dash

Love the Upgrades

All the new upgrades look stunning and this medical marijuana club has definitely been on the rise. When I was first a patient here many years ago, it was a nice boutique kind of dispensary that always offered great buds and wonderful customer service. Now, not only has that remained, but they've grown a lot with a larger selection of products, staff and square footage. I'm pretty pleased that I was one of the "first" customers to walk through their doors. I have tried other collectives throughout San Francisco and Santa Cruz, but Amsterdam's Garden is in a league of their own. It is certainly not fair fetched to say that they are the BEST!

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Its been a pleasure serving loyal patients like you that have helped us become who we are today. Thank you!


Rick Simpson Oil (THC Formula)

Dank Dash

Cancer Prevention

I think its important for cancer patients and their families to be aware that much of cancer is preventable. I give this precious medicinal oil to all my family members, not only as a preventative gift, but a reminder to always take care of yourself and your body. Even coming from a family with a history like myself, there ARE things we can do to prevent this disease before it actually becomes a threat to your system. Many of us wait until we receive a test result from the doctor's office, but the battle against cancer begins a lot sooner . . . A poor diet full of sugars and fats, while taking the oil is only going to cancel out the potential benefits one can receive if they were to take on a full fledged aggressive campaign against this crippling disease.

There are so many health benefits of this natural medicine for me personally: better sleep, increased strength and stamina, better hair skin and nails etc. . .


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